Indie Creators: From Steel Cowboys to the Macabre, a Short List

In a world were mainstream media seems to be failing in terms of good story telling no matter the media, there are those who have stepped up to the plate and thrown their gauntlets down, independent creators. I follow many of them on Twitter and many things have become evident:

  1. They care about their fanbases.
  2. They are good story tellers
  3. They are very talented
  4. They need our help.

Here a few that I will be taking a closer look at in the future and supporting monetarily when hubby and I are more financially stable.

I have a lot of Twitter links embedded. These may trigger screen readers to go nuts. All of my sight-impaired and blind friends take heed of this please.

Comics and Graphic Novels

Since I first saw his post, I have been following this creator. He busts his ass to make sure things are on schedule and will immediately post an announcement if there is a snag.
Due to the current state everything has been in, he graciously posted on Twitter in Dec. a giveaway of his first three volumes in digital form, which I humbly asked for and received.

I was amazed. I won’t go into much detail here, but I can’t wait to finish my work for the day to read the second volume. The first one blew me away with the depth of character, the linework and coloring. I will be doing a full review in another post, because if I kept going, this would be the only creator I would talk about in this post.

Admittedly, I have only seen the artwork for this project, but if that is any indication of the story that lies within, I can’t wait to put my dollar behind this one either.

The creators? They are snarky, fun-loving, and quick with the updates and telling you of any setbacks.
This is definitely and adult comic.

Here is a snippet from their IGG:

In current year, what’s initially thought to be a terrorist attack on the San Ysidro border crossing leads to California being over come by the undead. Escaping north to whats supposed to be safety are Regina Ragowski her fiance Sean. A sudden heated argument leaves Regina, literally naked, afraid and running from her life as she now has to face the zombie plague with nothing more than her birthday suit.

-RAGS IGG Account

Here is another creator who had me staring at the colors and linework smiling. I can’t wait to back this one.

He’s friendly with some snark on Twitter, but is quick to answer questions and give updates.

He will also offer a link for you to look at a free copy or two. I flipped through a couple pages of the first volume and can’t wait to finish it to see what happens.

I will be reviewing this one as well.

Though some people would argue that short stories are not graphic novel fair, I would posit that you haven’t seen his illustrations.

With a Call of Cthulhu feel and a noir tone to the writing, just the small stories under each of the pictures will have you wondering what else is in store for this comic.

He does offer a free copy on imgur. Just ask. You are unto this like me, you won’t be disappointed!

I will be interviewing many of the creators that I follow which will turn into either audio for SoundCloud or uploaded to my geek channel. I haven’t decided yet. For those who don’t wish to be recorded, I will be posting the interview here. Keep your eyes peeled.


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