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Looking back…

Ah, 2019, the year we went from being homeless to stressing out over rent payments, lights, and other things to celebrate no longer being without a home. All-in-all, it wasn’t a bad year, but it could have been better. There are things I fell short on and those unforeseen things that always throw monkey wrenches in the best of plans.

Falling short

Last year, I challenged myself to make a blog post everyday. That, obviously, did not happen. I felt I left myself down. So, I will take up the challenge again. I will be more diligent and determined.
I will plan out what I want to write for the posts and go from there. On the list of things to write:

  1. Finish the fanfics I started
  2. Finish the short stories I started
  3. Do my analysis and comparison of Animal Farm to the present day
  4. Continue Masie and her journey
  5. Make crafting posts

I figure that is a good start.

Getting organized

Yup, that is a PAPER organizer and highlighters. This is something I have been meaning to do for a WHILE. In it, I will place projects and their progressions, art challenges, writing goals and other things. I will also make myself consult it every morning until it becomes a habit. It’s about time I do something like this and stick to it.

Switching Focus

Last year, I found something out about myself, keeping up with the news and political arena is as stressful as trying to navigate a landscape of landmines without a map. One person cannot keep up with it all, and because I was trying, my love for reading and writing fell to the back burner.
No more. This year, I will be concentrating more on what I love and talking about what I love on my YouTube channel. I will read more, meet writing goals and go back to ghostwriting.
I have put too much on hold to chase the news. I won’t do it any longer.


I have a passion for writing, crafts, movies, anime, cartoons, comics, and natural health. I create content on Youtube and here on the blog. Maddy is the nickname given to me because of the name of my company "Mad Woman Muses Media". :)

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