Rey, A Hero’s Story: Part 2

I know this addition is short, but I don’t want to push it and go into the completely unbelievable.

Rey huffed as her feet ran across the sand knowing the pair would catch up to her. She closed her eyes and started to control her breathing, squeezing every ounce of strength from her limbs.

Something inside her stirred. Her feet started gliding with every step and she picked up speed.

“How is she outrunning us, Dornal?” Lona screamed over the speeder’s engine.
“Why are you asking me? I don’t know.” Her partner shouted in response.

What’s happening? How am I doing this?

Rey’s momentary confusion caused her steps to falter and return her back to her normal speed. She looked behind her but the speeder with her pursuers was no longer in sight. She ran the rest of the way to the market and lost herself in the crowd. After catching her breath, she haggled with the scrap merchant, purchased food and drink, and headed home.

How did I do that? What WAS that?

The questions swirled in Rey’s mind as she paced and quenched her thirst. She walked into the room where she kept the books her parents had given her. Running her fingers down the spines, she read each of the titles. She lingered on one about the rise and fall of the Jedi. She pulled it out and made herself comfortable in a chair next to the shelf.

She skimmed the pages until she got to the chapters containing what the Jedi could do. Her eyes widened as she read about how they could give themselves a momentary burst of speed.

Is that what I did? Did I use the force?

She shook her head in disbelief, “No one has heard of people using the force in ages. That couldn’t possibly be it.” She declared to no one as she walked to the kitchen and washed her glass, “That’s impossible. No one can use the force. It’s dead and gone.”

If it’s dead and gone, how do you explain what happened? You should have been caught. You weren’t. The voice was male with a hint of curiosity.

She looked around her home for the voice, “Father?”

There was no answer.


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