One Noob, Alone in the Wasteland: A 7 Days to Die Post

Yup, I have been roped into playing this game, and I blame my husband for it completely. What got me hooked? Read on for the answer.

Can I do this solo?

Yes, I am going to do a series with the hubby, but, for now, I am going it alone to see how long I can last before I die. So far, it’s going pretty good.


Hello, I am Maddy, and I am a craft-a-holic. I love to craft IRL, and if I can find a pretty good crafting system in a game, that pretty much tends to hook me. This game has a very extensive crafting system. I find it challenging to balance my perks and attribute points so I can craft and defend myself effectively.
It’s been rough in spots, but I am getting there.

Nomading it?

I am trying to do this Nomad style until I find a central location to set up a permanent horde base. This presents a lot of puzzles and a different way of looking at a survival game for me personally.

How am I doing it?

I am a making Forward/Temporary bases.

This allows me to mark POIs that I can come back to later for cobblestone, cement and other things for the final horde base set-up. I am also marking all my FBs on the map and making a list in a notebook of anything I am leaving in them.
I am also marking all the POIs I find with an “X” on the map and listing what they have.
I am marking all the mining nodes I find with the cave icon on the map.

I learn as a go

As a build the FBs, I am taking into account what is working and what isn’t. I am also paying attention to how the zombies act during horde nights and where they tend to congregate. This will help me when I set up my final horde base.

POI Raiding

I am leaving drop boxes at POIs so I can strip them of all the loot I find that I can’t carry at the time of raiding. I am also marking on the map any vending machines I find so I can go back and get everything out of them.

I am making content

Whether it’s edited streams or offline recordings, I am going to start chronicling what I do in hopes that it can help others. I know I am late to the party, but one can always hope.
I am starting in “Scavenger” mode. I hope to get to normal difficulty soon.
I will also be posting pictures here on the blog of places I have converted and how I am marking the map.

That’s it for now,

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