One Noob Alone in the Wasteland: Moving Day

Yep, it’s time to move on to greener pastures and better loot.

Bob's Boars
Not too bad of a location

All in all, it was nice little spot, and I will be back for the work stations and the loot I have stored there. I will also be back for the loot and to finish raiding the houses there.

7D2D nodes and POI map around Bob's Boars

As you can see, there is still a lot I have to go back and get, but my little forward base may not withstand a day-21 horde. It barely made it through the Day-14 one. So, I hopped on my minibike and found this little gem:

For full disclosure, I only used flight mode to show you the new place before I did some… remodeling. 😉

I will be recording my progress and uploading to my YT channel. So, be sure you’re subscribed to that, if you want to see how a new person fumbles through this game. Any and all advice welcome!

Until Next time,


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