Much Ado About Rey

I’ve been thinking. Yes, that can be dangerous with someone like me, but I still do it from time-to-time. After having seen The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi I came to the conclusion that a fan fiction is in order. Not one praising her Mary Sue powers and carrying-on an almost sycophantic praise, but one that may perhaps fix all the flaws in her non-existent background.
So, I present to you:

Rey, A Hero’s Story: Part One

Today marks the fifth year of my abandonment. I have since stopped waiting for my parents to return. It’s likely they are dead.
Rey closes her journal and turns to a hand-written book opened to a page with a drawing on it. She looks at the circuit board, picks up a tool and gets to work.
Scrap is more valuable when fixed father said. If only I can get the hang of thi-
“OUCH”, she pulls her hand away and looks for any signs of electrical burns. Wrapping her hand, she grabs her staff and bag and heads out for the day. She’s about to pull the sled when she runs back into her house to fertilize the flower she has sitting on a table. She shuts her father’s book and takes it with her.

A two-hour trek ended with her looking at the wreckage of a long-destroyed walker. She pulls up her scarf to cover her mouth and nose and begins to search for a way in which will hold her weight. A gaping hole in the belly of the mechanical beast is what she uses and is immediately surrounded by open panels and ripped-out relays. She opens her father’s book and flips to the page on large Imperial Walkers. After glancing through the chapter, she makes her way to the cockpit of the vehicle, twisting her mouth to one side.
This doesn’t look good.
Again, she finds ripped out panels and circuitry that has been cut or pulled out. Using her father’s book as a reference, she begins to look in earnest for anything that might contribute to her dinner budget this evening. She sees a panel under the main controls which is still intact. Taking out a tool her father gave her, she carefully opened the panel and revealed the wiring, circuits, and precious metals used for the shielding of the control panel.
This will feed me for the next week at least. I’ve got to find a better way of surviving.
Using the knowledge passed onto her, she got to work removing as much of the valuable scrap as she could without damaging any of it. Rey’s impatience with her own progress got the better of her as she snapped a circuit into two pieces. She sighed, but kept working.
Rey removed the last piece of any value and looked out the windscreen. The sun was almost overhead.
I’ve been here that long? I’ve got to get going.
She retraced her steps and was a few feet from the exit when she heard voices. All her muscles stiffened as she pressed herself against one of the sides.
“Hey, you ever check that panel under the main controls?” The voice was deep and gruff.
“I told you we would check it when we got back here. We were out of room, remember, nerf for brains?” The woman’s voice was annoyed.
“Hey, I told you not to call me that.”
“Then try to pay attention when I ta- Do you see that sled?”
“Someone’s here. Fan out.” The gruff voice shouted the order.
She recognized the voices and knew that getting out of the walker was now both imperative and perilous.
My staff isn’t going to do anything against their blasters. I have to find another way out.
“Hey, isn’t that Rey’s sled?” There was curiosity in the man’s voice.
“That little rat always gets what we miss or forget. I am tired of her finishing our salvages.” The woman growled at the end.
Those two are known for not leaving witnesses.
She looked around, searching for any way out. A loose floor panel caught her attention. She crawled to it and found it to be a small storage area.
This could work, but they might look there.
She kept scanning the interior for any other way out, and only found the hole in the windscreen in the cockpit.
Well, it’s better than nothing. I just have to not cut myself.
Pausing every few seconds to try and hear where the pair might be, Rey reached the windscreen and peered out.
“She got in through the same way we did and is still probably inside, Dornal.”
“Right, let’s get in there then.”
She hopped onto the dash and scrambled out the windscreen with only a few cuts. She was on the nose when they spotted her.
Lona pointed. “Hold it right there, you rat! Hand over our salvage!”
“It’s not yours if I found it first.” Rey slid down the nose and broke into a full-on run, leaving her sled behind.
Lona and Dornal jumped into their speeder and gave chase.


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