Patch Notes: Teamfight Tactics 9.15B

TFT Patch 9.15B Run Down

Now for riot’s B patch which is typically a smaller patch full of small updates and fixes from the previous patch. This patch is mostly undoing over buffs or over nerfs Riot did last patch. They were pretty bad mistakes.

Below is a simplified version of the patch notes, if you want to read the full patch notes you will find them here.


Blitzcrank is Bug Fixed, again, so he can go back in your backline because your team focuses the pulls now.

Elise and her spiders have gained more auto-attack damage to balance out the loss of DPS from the demon nerfs last patch.

Karthus’ buffs last patch have been reverted, so he is back to normal boom rather than explosion.

Kayle was over-buffed the last patch due to noble and knight buff so she now takes slightly longer to ult to compensate.

Pyke is no longer the nutty stun bot of the pirates or assassins.
He, instead, could be outshined by Twisted fate this patch. We shall see how the luck of the draw defines which stun bot pirates prefer this patch.

Rengar was really over tuned last time, the lion is no longer on the same level as Simba and now is almost as dead as Scar is. His ult buff was reverted.

Now Veigar’s buff is a little less easy to explain. Well, here I go he does more damage to champions that are same or higher level/rank(Stars) than him. Eg. 2 Star Veigar vs 2/3 Star Garen.

Only a Few Champions Changed this patch now for the Items.


Guardian Angel was tuned so that not every champion reives with full health, but this item is still top tier.

Guinsoo’s Rageblade has now received its third buff since the rework to attack speed. I think it is almost in a sleeper OP state.

Here some Math for ya.

At 5 stacks Vayne almost hits 1 auto-attack a second, whereas before it was every 1.1 seconds.

Morellonomicon is back its old state before the buff in Patch 9.14

Phantom Dancer now dodges Akali Ults. HORRAY!

Runaan’s Hurricane is the most OP spatula item in the game now granting 1.75x damage and 40mr. It also procs on-hit effects and, according to Scarra, it procs itself, so if you have multiple of them on the team;
for example:
3 of them you get 7 procs a second.

Statikk Shiv’s damage is no longer bugged, thank God, it did way too much damage.

Sword of the Divine is now better, but if you care to know the math of this item, this graph image shows the rate at which the item increases its chance to proc with each auto-attack: Reddit thread math .

So overall small patch this week. Looks to be a good week until Hextech releases next patch, then all hell will break loose yet again in patch 19.6 so look forward to that next Wednesday.

This post was written by Lissaria, who can be found streaming here.


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