Riot Anime? Super Metroid, UK and Loot Boxes

This is the transcript for the Geek News Segment on The Morning Brew podcast. Showtimes and channel links are in the sidebar. Click below to watch the segment.

Riot Announces Animated Series

First, came the summoners then came the lore. After that Riot added an interactive map, different play modes, and even PvE events all designed to keep the players coming back for more. With the lore constantly being updated and new champions on Summoner’s Rift to keep things fresh, what else could Riot do make their players stay?
Players wanted a League of Legends Movie. After all, Riot has talented people and it shows in their champion and skin reveal trailers. People have been waiting for an animated movie.
Riot did one better. During their 10-year anniversary, they announced an animated series. The scheduled release for it will be in 2020. Its main focus will be on two factions who are constantly at odds with one another: Piltover and Zaun. 
Riot didn’t go into too much detail during their live stream celebration, but they did release a trailer for the series named Arcane.


Super Metroid Comes to Nintendo Switch

With Nintendo going from monthly updates to their game catalog to an erratic schedule, it’s hard to know when they are adding new, or vintage, games to their online service. If you have a Switch Online subscription and you’re missing your Metroid fix, wait no longer.
Nintendo of Europe announced Super Metroid is now available to play with the subscription. 

Daily Gaming Report UK

Persona 5 Royal’s Commercial Easter Eggs

With Persona 5 set to release on October 31 in Japan, the commercial they aired to advertise the game shows some interesting details. It shows some of the new elements of the Palaces boss fights, such as a robot Haru and Joker’s Lupin wire. More of the palace is revealed as well. For now, the game is exclusive to PS4. Its release for western markets will be in the spring of 2020.
More information on Persona 5 Scramble will be coming out on Oct. 24.

Dual Shockers

UK Government to Regulate Loot Boxes

Out of concern for the time children playing games, the children’s commissioner for England is calling on the government to regulate loot boxes in games. The call is in hopes that tighter laws around gambling could cut time and money children spend on games. 
In a report titled Gaming the System, serious issues of peer pressure, time, and money expenditure were highlighted. In the report, a 16-yr-old FIFA player directly equated loot boxes to gambling and was quoted saying, “You could lose your money and not get anyone good or get something really good.”A 10-yr-old girl and Fortnite player was afraid of being called “trash” for using a default skin. Anne Longfield, children’s commissioner, stated the children are  “open to exploitation by games companies who play on their need to keep up with friends and to advance to further stages of a game”.It has been reported that children are spending hundreds of pounds on skins, loot boxes, and other in-game purchases. 
The commissioner seeks to have loot boxes and anything related to the loot box system as gambling as well as having a daily spending limit for children making purchases online. Another recommendation was a spending tracker for such online purchases. 
The one thing inherent in the sourced article was a lack of holding parents accountable for their children’s spending. They seem to be looking towards the gaming companies and government regulations. 
There are workshops to better inform children and parents about gaming, including the pros and cons of it, but there is no holding the parents accountable.


Steam’s Remote Play Together Goes Beta

You play games. You have friends that play games. The problem is coordinating your gaming so you can play without any starting hiccoughs. Valve is working on a solution for those who use their Steam service. Remote Play Together will have a virtual lobby for local co-op, local multiplayer, and shared/split-screen games. The only thing needed is for the host of the lobby to own the game. If you want to try it out, there are a few steps:

  1. Opt in to Steam Beta
  2. Launch a multiplayer game
  3. Open the friends menu
  4. Choose Remote Play Together icon
  5. Start playing

The end result is that the input should behave as if the game is plugged into your computer. The game should be shown to your pals and not the desktop. 



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