Oh MAH GERD… Goals Y’all…

…or how I am going to get my shit together, maybe.


Everyone is asking for resolutions, and I’m sitting over here like, “Oh yeah? I got goals, y’all!”

Yup, while everyone else is listing resolutions they mostly won’t follow, I am over here writing down short term and long term goals, scratching my head, and motivating myself to follow the goals and markers that will tell me how close I am to the big goals and how well I am doing.

Yes, I am pumped; I am ready; I am going to do this. Never you mind I haven’t been able to stick to ANY plan in the past before, I am going to do it THIS time, and that is what counts. I am going to stick to to-do lists, get stuff done, and take names in the process. Somewhere, I know there is an alternate reality with people watching me placing bets on how long it will take until I fall into old habits, and say, “Fuck it. I will get it done when I get it done.”

I mean it. I will do it this time. I will make realistic goals. (In the past, I made lofty ones and got discouraged, learning curve.) So here they are:

  1. To make a least one post a day on my writing blog.
  2. To work on my novels and publish one this year
  3. To have a place to live by March
  4. To be streaming again by April
  5. To make one news post and one tweet post on my news blog a day
  6. To get some exercise in there SOMEwhere
  7. To work on getting one video a week on both of my channels.

Now, that I look at it, part of me is already telling me I am nuts, but I will do my best to get most of those done all it takes it making them a habit, and that takes an average of  21 days. That’s what the experts say anywho. So, I am off and running.

What are your goals for the new year?

Keep your mind open and inspiration will follow.


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