Holy Crap! How DID we survive childhood?

…or the kids today don’t know how to have real fun.


No, I haven’t forgotten how to count. There will be a day seven. I forgot to write yesterday. On that note…

I am going to wax nostalgic for this one. Have you ever looked at the kids today and all the sanitizing agents, padding, and safety gear and think, “How the hell did I survive childhood?” You either? I was too busy having fun and getting scraped up to worry about helmets, filtered water, and knee pads.

*activates way-back machine*

Playgrounds growing up were metal swings with rubber seats, metal swings, and monkey bars that would burn your hands on a hot summer’s day, but we didn’t care. We were to busy being off on the next adventure, running through sprinklers, climbing trees, and swinging on rope swings. If you got thirsty, that’s what the hose was for. Barefoot or with shoes, you ran around the front yard with a stick as a sword, playing football, or pretending you were a superhero.
The Slip-and-Slide always manage to find the rocks as you slid down the yellow piece of plastic to the mud puddle at the end. Bike riding was how fast you could go down hill, and the only thing you worried about when roller skating or skate boarding was those little rocks that could ruin your day and send you home with more scrapes than you thought humanly possible, but you had fun. Ah, to go back there.
Social Networking was going over to a friends house to play or being picked up to go to the park. It was also Girl -or Boy- Scouts. It was picking up a phone and calling your friends to see if they could hang out. Your mom calling you out was her yelling for you to come home, because you were late for dinner. We never thought about taking pictures of ourselves covered in mud or soaking wet from water fights. We weren’t obsessed with taking pictures of every minute detail of our lives in hopes of getting clicks, likes, and retweets. We didn’t. We just wanted to play.
Bullies stood in front of you to make fun of you, and you had to put up or shut up. There was no anti-bullying movement when we were kids. We toughened up. That’s the way it was. We also learned how hard it could be to stand in front of someone and be mean to them.
We learned how to resolve conflicts, think critically, and that disagreement was not a reason to ditch your friends or be angry.

Fast Forward…

Now, it seems you can’t sneeze without seeing someone’s picture of lunch, them checking in to let everyone know where they are at, or a selfie, oh the selfies. You have hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and sprays, helmet laws, elbow, knee and wrist guards for biking and skating. Everyone is afraid of germs, when we grew up around them all the time and we are fine.
Going outside has been replaced by VR and video games, talking with texting, and going over to a friend’s house is now opening Facebook or Instagram to see what they are up to. There is very little human contact, and when there is, the people that are supposed to be together would rather spend time on their phones, ignoring the people they are supposed to be spending time with; hell; I wouldn’t be surprised if they were texting to one another while sitting next each other.
We’ve lost that human connection, and the ironic part is we think social media is getting us more connected.

How connected are you really when words on a page can be easily misunderstood without the body language to go with them? How in touch with one another are we really when we would rather send abbreviations through cell signals and call it communication rather than picking up the phone to hear a voice on the other end? How easy is it to hurt someone you’ve never met because you’re typing words without knowing who they are or what they’ve been through? How far have we degraded as a society when disagreement is harassment, facts are “hate speech”, and if you’re not with the crowd, you have to be against them?

Think about this also. Could we eventually be going back to talking to one another? After all, there are voice chats you can partake in online with people you know. Just a thought.

Keep your mind open, and inspiration will follow.


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