Changes: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly Side

…Or how some people change and others fight it.


If there is one constant in the world it’s that nothing stays the same. Change is the one thing we can always count on happening, and we can meet it one of two ways, we can accept it and adapt, or we can fight it. The problem is when to do which. I mean, we all want to keep growing as people and challenge ourselves, but when do we adapt to the change and we do we push back?

Change is good. Right?

Well, I would say that depends on the change. If the change gets you out of a horrible situation, then yes, change is good. It’s very good, even if it means walking away from everything you knew to start fresh. Just make sure you’ve looked inside yourself to avoid the mistakes that got you in the situation you’re trying to get out of or the change won’t last long.

Starting over isn’t bad. It’s scary, sure, but it isn’t bad when it leads to a better end and a better you. It’s hard because you have to cut ties with people that are negative or situations that left you with more stress than you can bear. It also sometimes means walking away from everything, all your possessions and reassessing how important those possessions were to you to begin with. Tying all your emotions to material things isn’t healthy. Making people your possessions aren’t either.

When to push back.

I my experience, anything that forces you to change who you are, the core of your being, isn’t good. The outrage culture of today, being offended at everything, no matter how minute, isn’t good for the soul, your mental state, or your physical health. You don’t have to accept people trying to tone police you, if it means compromising who you are as a person. You will only lose yourself in the process of pleasing people who are not satisfied. For examples look at all the gaming companies and famous people that have tried to bow and apologize to the regressive left only to be further ridiculed by them and told the apology isn’t good enough.
Trying to please people who are constantly offended is like attempting to traverse a mine field without a map or the proper tools to do so. It ends up in disaster.

Keep your mind open,



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