Adventures of the Underfoot Clan: Mission Implausible Part Five


Charlie ate the spaghetti as Mama Leone watched him.

How do I get out of this and tell Kevin? I can’t call on the radio here. This is a mess.

Kevin has made his way to the vent that lead to the third floor kitchen. He looked through the slits in the vent to see Nigel and Mrs. Randall setting the fudge on the stove and making preparations for storing it once it was cool.

All they have to do now is walk out of the kitchen. He sighed quietly as they milled about the kitchen.

Nigel looked at the vent making Kevin freeze, “Jean, do you think Kevin will be making an attempt at the fudge?”

“Hmmm?” She pulled a container out of the cabinet next to the refrigerator, “Knowing him, probably, but that means he doesn’t remember what day it is, and considering how much he blushes around Vikki, he should.”
Kevin scrunched his brow and scratched his head. Backing up a few feet, he clicked the radio three times to alert the others he had followed the fudge.

Mama Leone looked at Charlie and tilted her head to one side, “What was that noise, Charlie?”

“Um, what noise? I didn’t hear anything.”
She pursed her lips together, “You are not planning on stealing the fudge, are you?”

He pointed to himself, “Now why would I want to do that when I have your delicious spaghetti right in front of me?”

She stood as she pinched his cheek, “You such a good boy. You want more?”
”No, ma’am, I think this will do me till dinner.”
She shot him a suspicious look, “You sure?”
He stood taking the empty plate to the kitchen sink, “Oh, yes! You put plenty on my plate. I couldn’t possibly eat another bite.”
”Well, okay, you wash your plate and go outside.”
He nodded.

Kevin’s chance was nearing as the Nigel looked up at the vent one more time before leaving the kitchen by way of the dining room. Mrs. Randall placed the container next to the fudge and stepped into the hall. By this time, Kevin was loosening the screws to one side of the vent.

Charlie walked outside and keyed the mic, “Kevin, abort! Abort! The fudge is for Vikki! It’s her birthday! You forgot!”

There was a crash from the third floor. Kevin had fallen through the vent and landed on the counter next to the stove and rolled onto the floor.
He was rubbing his backside when Nigel walked back in, “I knew you were up there, you little blighter. You were going to make a little girl very angry at you.”
”I thinks I made my butt a little angry at me too, ouch.” He slowly got up and started to limp out of the kitchen.
Nigel tapped his foot, “Where do you think you’re going?”
Cringing, Kevin turned to face Nigel, “I was thinking about going outside?”
Nigel looked down at Kevin, “Do you know what I’m going to say now?”

“I’m groundeds?”

“Precisely. Go to your room, Master Kevin.”
”Aw, crap.”


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