How Do I Keep the Story Going…


Or, how I keep it flowing without it tripping over itself.


outline for novel For most people, the biggest wonder is how a writer keeps the story straight in their heads and on paper/computer. I make an outline. This helps me to see what I have written. It gives me the freedom here to add pieces to the book, delete them, and also the modify them, if the need arises. An outline for me is like reading cliff notes, only I know what’s going to be in the details and I won’t flunk a story quiz.

This is the outline for my second fantasy novel, Meet the Tygnows. The name at the top of the page is the name of the series of books. This idea has been stewing in my brain for quite sometime, and now I have most of it in print, or on computer, as the case my be.

Do I read my own story?

Meet the tygnow story notes If you are wondering if I read my own material, I pretty much have to do that. You see, having ADD means constantly checking the story to make sure my mind hasn’t wandered off and added something that either doesn’t make sense, or completely obliterates continuity. Both would throw you off, and you would wonder if I pay attention to anything I write. What you see above is a file I split-screen with the story. I read, make grammar edits in the story, and use this to mark what else I need to fix, add, or embellish. It also keeps me from leaving things out, and constantly repeating myself.

Okay, but how do I keep up with the who is who?

fantasy book characters

Every good movie needs a cast of characters, and a book is certainly no different,

but how to keep up with who is related to whom, and who is doing what can be daunting. For that, I have a file that keeps track of the characters I create. This is also the file I am using for the character profile posts on the blog (which I will start back up after the first of the year).

Beware if you click on the pic, there are spoilers.

There are many methods of writing and many styles. I tend to do it this way because it helps me stay on top of things without wondering who the next character is or what they are up to. After all, if I can’t figure this stuff out, how are you supposed to, right?

Until next time, keep your pencil sharp, your mind open, and inspiration will soon follow.

The Mad Woman


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