Masie and the Treasure Map: One Day Delay

Chicago_River_Cruise_ChicagoWriting for a cause.Masie’s heart sunk when she saw her father return to the waiting area with a long face.
“I couldn’t book another flight until tomorrow morning.”
“Wow, really, dad?”

Shrugging her father sat next her and gave her a sideways hug, “It happens. They almost never have flights back-to-back like that, but don’t look defeated, Masie. We’ll find a room for the night, and then I will take you around to see a lot more of Chicago. You wanted a mini adventure, and you’ve got one.”
She smiled, “Where are we going to go first?”
His smile got wide, “Ah, that, my dear girl, is a surprise! Make sure your your camera has plenty of battery power. You’re going to be taking a lot of pictures.”
George rented a car for the day, and made arrangements at the nearest hotel to the airport. Masie spent a good couple of hours checking out the lobby, and other amenities the hotel had to offer.
Jacob booked a second room, then knocked on Masie’s room door. Minnie opened it, “Come on in, Jacob.”
Lifting a hand in the air he shook his head, “I am just letting you know that I cannot stay even a day in Chicago without going to scout for antiques for the shop. I will keep in touch, but this is an opportunity I simply can’t pass up.”
Minnie chuckled, “Ever the businessman. We will let you know where we will be stopping for dinner, if you wish to join us.”
Masie stopped behind her grand, “Mr. Jacob, how are you going to take what you find on the plane?”
Jacob smiled, “I will arrange for shipping back to my shop, dear. Don’t you worry. I have an assistant that will make sure everything is displayed.”
“Oh, okay, I was wondering because you don’t find small things.”
He laughed, “You’re right. I don’t, but that doesn’t stop me.” He rubbed her head and looked back at Minnie, “I could use a shopping assistant with an eye for detail. Are you game?”
Minnie looked at Masie, “Would you mind?”
Masie shook her head, “Nope, you two have fun. I know you and Mr. Jacob will find lots of neat stuff.” Minnie grabbed her purse and kissed Masie on her way out the door. When Masie turned around, her father was smiling.
“I thought you would want to spend some time with your grand.”
“I do, but I will be spending lots of time with her when we get to Germany. Besides, I think Mr. Jacob likes Grand, and she needs a boyfriend.”
George could do nothing but laugh, “You little match maker you. Well, grab your camera. Let’s get this show on the road.”
They went to Grant Park and walked the circle. Masie couldn’t believe how big the Institute of Art was and immediately started to snap pictures of the outside of the building. They took a tour of Wrigley and Soldier Fields, where she stood both on the pitcher’s mound and the 50-yard-line and spun in a circle to take it all in and snap more pictures. It was already dark when they walked out of the Planetarium and met Minnie and Jacob for dinner.
When the excitement of the day started to wind down, she found herself trying to stay awake at the restaurant. They went back their hotel and turned in for the night.
The next day, they found themselves back on the plane and headed to their next layover destination.
Masie looked away from the window and to her father, “Where are we going to next?”
“Well, we are going to have about a six hour layover in Vienna. Do you know where that is withOUT looking at your phone to look it up?”
Her eyes flew open, “Austria, we’re going to Austria?”
“Yes. Do you think you can see what we can do for the six hours we are going to be there?”
“I sure can!”

It’s your turn:

A. Masie chooses museums.

B. Masie chooses palaces and gardens

C. Masie wants to tour Belvedere.

Place it in the comments below to continue the adventure.
Where will they tour on their layover? It’s up to you!
The person who participated the most will get a copy of the completed book for free.
Once this book is published, all sales of the book will be donated to
This means, every time this book is sold, the money will go to this charity and this charity alone.


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