Screaming in the Dark

Don’t you just want to screams sometimes?

Sometimes, just sometimes, don’t you feel like screaming?

Don’t you feel like reeling?

Letting it all out?

Sometimes doesn’t the stress get to you?

I mean really get to you?

When you thought you figured it out?

Don’t you just have those times?

Those times when everything goes wrong?

Those times you wish to scream and cry,

And not have to be so strong?

You want to throw your head way back,

And scream, “Oh Lord, why me?”

Those times you wish you could curl up,

And simply not be seen?

Those times when stress, the day, the situation

Just wears you down and then,

It’s seems to just keep piling on,

And you don’t see an end?

You know the end is just around

That corner down that- a- way,

But you just can’t bring yourself to see it,

Because of all the strife in the way.

You know it’s going to get better.

You tell yourself every day,

But every morning you wake up,

It’s same old stressful day.

So, don’t you just feel like screaming?

Just railing at the moon?

Keep clawing, scratching walking forward.

The light is coming soon.

Better days are just around the bend,

My, friend, for you and me.

There is a plan.  This much I know.

There’s one for you and me.

We have no clue what it is,

Or what joy it will bring.

But when that brighter day does come,

It’ll make you want to sing.

So keep yelling, screaming, pitching fits,

And railing at the moon.

All the darkness we’re in now

Will have light shed on it soon.

You are not alone, my friend.

I know this much is true.

God does not make us lonely.

It’s our minds that make us blue.



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