Don't Pass Them By…


See that soldier sitting there?

In the wheelchair in the alley there?

He’s the one you pass every day,

And shake your head in complete disdain.

He once was a soldier in defense of our land,

And because of illness, he is a forgotten man.

He is not there by laziness or choice.

He is there because he needs a voice.

Many, many years ago, he fought upon a distant shore,

And he returned with demons that haunt his dreams.

These demons they taunt and lurk there it seems,

Long after his sleep has been done,

And this soldier did no wrong.

He simply went where he was told,

And did his best to be brave and bold.

Now, because of illness mental,

No one wants him.  He’s not implemental.

So he sits in the alley day by day,

Hoping and waiting his life away,

That someone will notice him and say,

“Thank you for your service, sir.

Do you need anything today?”

Writer’s note.

This is my commentary on the way many of our veterans are treated.  They are discarded, forgotten, and left to rot.  Many of them from Vietnam are still being scorn to this day for just doing their job.  Please, it doesn’t even have to be Memorial Day.  If you see a veteran struggling, help them.  They won’t ask for it.  They feel so alone and hopeless that many of them don’t see a point in even asking for fear they will be called a bum.

Many veterans come back home with severe PTSD and find it virtually impossible to return to a life that most of us call normal.  They try to get jobs and hold, them something happens and they lose it, and another.  PTSD is a real illness, and they need help.  Don’t turn your back on a veteran.  Reach out, and let them know you care.  It’s the ultimate “Thank you” in a country that neglects those that fought to protect it.



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