Another Day… Another $.50

another50I am sitting here with my mind reeling,

my heart beating, and

my soul bleeding,

wondering how everything flipped.

How did the cops become bad guys,

the villains become rectified, and

spirituality be set aside?


Why do we disrespect our protectors,

Protect our detractors, and

let or children defect from decency?

Why is fine to film beatings,

tape bullies and violent meetings, but

not pick up a phone to cease it?

This our world as we made it today,

from Hell, it’s just a stone’s throw away, and

and we act like it’s okay.

We shelter our kids,

rationalize what they did, and

blame everyone but them.

Race isn’t a color,

but one is more precious than the others, and

so, the other colors have to roll over.

This is how we live now,

words are offensive and we must bow

to those who whose tears are loud.

Those who have voices,

are the ones with the choices, and

we have no say anymore.

Being respectful is outdated,

being courteous is overrated, and

being plain spoken is hated.

When did everything get flipped?

Did a switch get tripped?

Or did we just fall asleep at the wheel?

-Anissa 9/4/2015


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