Maiden of the Mist Finale


The inspiration for the story.
The inspiration for the story.

The ghostly figure of the boy cocked his head to one side in contemplation, “No, I don’t think I do.  They were mean to me as they are you.  You should do something.”

“In doing nothing, I am doing something. I am showing them that I am not to be feared. By throwing things and yelling at them, you were showing them that you were everything they thought you were, hateful, evil, and disrespectful.”

The boy threw his hands in the air and plopped down in front of his grave, “What you expect me to do about it now?”  He waved his hands around him, “I’m not exactly living anymore.”
“You can forgive them for what they did to you.”

The boy sniffed, and started laughing, “Me?  Forgive them?  They didn’t even think twice of what they did.  Why do I need to forgive them?”

Kaie sat next to the boy a looked at him. He was not as angry as he was when she first saw him.  He was now confused and there was an aching she was feeling that she knew all too well.

“You need to forgive them for you.  As long as you hold to this anger and sadness, you’ll never be able to move on.  Most people fear what they don’t know, and instead of asking to learn things, they lash out.  They run, yell, and throw things at what they do not understand. They can’t help it.”

“I’m not sad.  I’m angry.  I didn’t like being yelled at, made fun of, and being hit with things they threw.”

“I know the other you’re feeling.  You’re sad because you want to belong to something and be loved, and that didn’t happen.”

He squinted one eye as he looked up at her, “How do you know that?”

“I feel it as well.  You see, where you’re here, I have to go to the village every day and see that they don’t want me there. I see the looks and here the disdain in their voices.  I feel the sting of the things thrown.”

The boy was crying now.  He hid his face in his hands, but she could hear him weeping.  She knew that feeling all too well.

“Being lonely is never good nor is it easy.  You just have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will like you.  You have to let go of all the anger sadness.  You have to find a way to forgive those in the village that treated you badly.  The only one you’re hurting is yourself.  They are still living life as normal.”

“If I forgive them, I can go from this place?”

Kaie nods, “You have to find it in your heart to forgive.  It is not easy, but it is they only way you will be able to move on.”

“Feeling lonely?”

“That will fade when you leave this place.  You are alone in this graveyard.  All the others have passed.  This is why you are lonely now.”

“You are here.”

“Yes, but I cannot stay here.  I have other to help.”  The boy stands and looks at Kaie and then Branwen.  He turns, lifts a hand to his modest tombstone, and bows his head.  His dim spectral form becomes lighter as he walks toward the Goddess.  He stops in front of her and turns to Kaie.

“Thank you.  I never had a friend like you before.”  Branwen looks down at the boy.

“Do you truly forgive those who have done you wrong?  Those who have shown you hatred and scorn?”

“Yes. I forgive them, Goddess. Kaie helped me to understand that they didn’t do it out of anger at me, but out of fear.”

“Yes, young one.  She has wisdom beyond her years.  Are you ready to go now?”

“Yes.” A beam of light appears before the boy.

“Step into the light, young one, and you will never be lonely again.”

He fades as he enters the light.  Branwen turns to leave, “Kaie.”

“Yes, Goddess?”

“Your work is done here for now.  You may go back to your physical form and rest, but never forget your gift and what you are capable of doing.”

Kaie curtsies and heads back to the ritual circle.  She reenters her body and instantly sits upright.  Looking around, she sees that no one is here with her, but she knows that she is not alone.  She finishes the ritual, and cleans her things.  It’s time for her to go home.


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