Nick Pops Off

Anissa Walker Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf ... or how one date my like forever. After having sired a teen boy, Armin is faced with something nagging at his psyche. Why did he take this boy under his wing? Chapter 10: Armin

Armin woke holding his head and grumbling to himself. I thought I had her. I have no clue what happened. He walked toward the campfire and poured himself a cup of coffee from the percolator which sat on the grate. It was a dark sludge. He walked over to the cooler and took out the creamer. It … Continue reading Nick Pops Off


Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf: Chapter Two

Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf... or how one date changed my life forever. After a conversation on the phone which leaves Gloria soured, someone is dispatched to the warehouse to get Angie. Who is Lorn? Why doesn't she want him to get Angie? Read on and find out. Chapter Two: Lorn

Lorn Gloria picked up the saw anew when her phone sounded. “Hello?” “Is the werewolf awake yet, Gloria?” “Yes, she is in the shower now, trying to find out the moment she may have been turned, why?” “She’s not the only one.” Gloria rolled her eyes, “Of course, she’s not the only werewolf, chief. If … Continue reading Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf: Chapter Two