Paranormal Preservation Society

…Or Chronicles of a Teenage Werewolf

png from pixabay

Remember a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far… Wait, wrong story. Remember back on Challenge Day: 6 when I took a writing prompt from a tweet to a rough story fragment? Well, I am expanding that a bit. My brain decided it was time to write a little more about Angie and her… um… predicament. So, here I go.

Gloria’s phone rang, “Hello?”
“Is the werewolf awake yet, Gloria?”
“Yes, she is in the shower now, trying to find out the moment she may have been turned, why?”
“She’s not the only one.”
Gloria rolled her eyes, “Of course she’s not the only werewolf, chief. Is she was, she’d be the sire.”
“That’s not what I mean. She’s not the only freshly turned. We have four more cases all over the city.”
Gloria stopped what she was doing, took her gloves off and turned off the Bluetooth, “We haven’t had a case like this since…”
The voice had a somber tone, “Armin Role, I know. When do you think you will have the site cleaned? I need you.”
“She needs to be given advice and guided, chief. I just can’t leave when I’m done.”
There was a heavy sigh on the other end of the line, “I can send Lorn. He can help her. You’re my best tracker, Gloria. I need you on this case.”
Gloria pushed the curtain aside and turned her ear to the warehouse. She heard the noise of the shower from the other end of the space, “She’s a kid. She needs a female mentor. Lorn can be abrasive.”
“You’re making excuses, Gloria. All you can do is give her the basics. You know Lorn can walk her through it.”
It was Gloria’s turn to sigh, “Fine, I will explain the situation to her when she gets out of the shower.”
“I will dispatch Lorn.”
Gloria ended the call.

Angie was on her third time scrubbing her skin. She had already washed her hair for a fourth time. She started crying.
I’m a monster now. What do I do? I can’t stay here.
A heavy-handed knock sounding on the bathroom door made Angie jump. The voice was deep and gruff, “No matter how many times you wash yourself, kid, the guilt from the kills never goes away. Hurry up and get out here. I need to show you the ropes, and I don’t have all day.”
Angie then heard Gloria, “This is EXACTLY why I told HQ not to send you. She’s scared and still disoriented. The LAST thing she needs is you acting like you have better things to do and being gruff.”
“Shut it, Daywalker and finish your task.”
Angie was dressed and still toweling her hair dry when she opened the door and was eye level to a broad chest.
“H-hello?” Her voice cracked.
Lorn’s eyes blinked in rapid fashion as he pointed to Angie and looked at Gloria, “She IS a kid. They didn’t tell me that.”
Gloria smiled like a bird-fed cat, “Oh really? They left that out, did they?”
He glared at Gloria, “Did YOU leave that detail out?” The growl was audible.
Gloria shook her head and closed her eyes, upon opening them, they were red tinged, “I explicitly told them she was a child and that you would not be a good fit. Don’t sell me short, fur-ball.”

Angie stepped backwards and let the bathroom shut, separating her from the two on the other side.
She’s a vampire? Holy crap.
She pinched herself and slapped her cheeks.
She heard Gloria chuckle, “This isn’t a dream or a nightmare. You’re awake, hun, and no I am not a full vamp. I’m a Daywalker, half-vamp. Lorn is a werewolf.”
Angie opened the door again, “I-I’m Angie.”
Lorn’s voice was not as gruff, “I’m Lorn. I was sent here to teach you the ropes and give you a few things to help ya out. I wasn’t told you were a kid or a girl. They just said you were a fresh pup.”


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