Brain Days and Test Results

Brain days and other stuff March 13-21 2023

It’s been a bit, but what else is new. A lot has gone on since the last update.

I have run the gambit of emotions, made content, and done everything I could to stay busy.

Of course, when you’re fighting cancer and keeping it from staging a return visit, the emotions can range from numbness and shock to screaming at the heavens.

The scan results

The good news is they didn’t find any cancer in the samples. The not-so-good news is that there is swelling and radiation necrosis. My oncologist doesn’t like what she saw. So, she wants to discuss more treatment options which will probably include putting me under to take more samples under sedation.

Seeing how I would very much like to be on the other end of this without losing any more internal parts, but if she says the uterus has got to go, that’s fine. I am not using it.

This whole journey has had its ups, downs, and out-of-left-field moments.

The Blanket and Morgan the Cursed

The Blanket is turning into a novella rather than a short creepypasta. I like where it is going, but it has definitely gained sentience and hit the ground running.

Morgan the Cursed seems to be dead in the water. I look at what I have written to see where to go with it, and nothing pops into my head regarding the story. So, she’s dead, Jim.

I have not worked on any of the novels and books that are on the docket. They are pointing and laughing at me on a daily basis.

Bad Brain Days

I may have to up my Vitamin D or something. My brain is having more bad days than good ones.

I have described it in many different ways:

It’s in granny gear with the jake break on.
It’s in neutral.
It ain’t havin’ it right now.
My brain is somewhere between an absent-minded professor and senility.
My brain’s RAM is at capacity.
My brain is on strike.

Videos and such…

This portion of the blog is laden with links to videos. Anyone using a screen reader might have a frustrating time.

I have decided to make Youtube shorts for the review channel.

This will allow me to make longer-form videos without feeling the pressure of uploading them in a rapid manner.

The reviews will cover everything from TV to books and anime. I will also cover manga and movies. I hope you enjoy the shorts.

The one on the left has a story. I forgot to schedule it to go live. I was wondering what happened to the thing.
Wonderful, ain’t it?

Green Bay in a Month…

The crunch to being a week ahead has begun. Mother wants to take us to Green Bay, WI for her birthday in April. This means I have to make enough content to cover the week I will be there. When it starts, I will include the upload date for the video in the description. Be on the lookout for that.

Bad good, and if you can’t be good, be good at it,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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