Working the Content Hustle…

working the content hustle

…or luck v hard work.

Whether it’s blogging, content creation, or even selling yourself and your crafts on the internet, you need social media to market. Marketing yourself looks to be an uphill battle. I know. I have been doing this through four rebrandings since…


MySpace, MSN Groups, and online forums.

Yes, I am old, but along with being on the interwebs for more than 20 years, came mistakes, learning experiences, and a world of gained knowledge.

So, if you’re wondering how you can work the hustle, read on, my friend.

Your brand…

Yup, if you sell services or products or entertain via videos or podcasts, you are a brand, baby! This means you need a color scheme, logo, and consistent branding across all social media. A memorable name doesn’t hurt either.

As such, what you do impacts your brand and your bottom line.

It’s social media, not commercial media

This is a mistake I have made and seen a LOT of people still make. Yes, you want to market your products or services, but only doing that can leave your follower count and engagement barren, unless you’re a cheap mass manufacturer that doesn’t keep their promises. 😉
Put yourself out there, the real you. Talk to others on social media. Let them see who you are and what topics in which you participate. Social media offers us a snapshot of the people who post, assuming of course they are not VTubers, scammers, or people putting on an act to hide who they are.

Don’t fake it.

Don’t put on a front thinking that will help you generate more attention and thus more sales. Eventually, your mask will slip, and that fall can be painful, leading to a loss of revenue. Be your authentic self unabashedly. You will find there are a lot of people out there who will respect you for that.


This happens all too often with a lot of new people on social media and video platforms. You can’t just post or upload and hope people find you. This isn’t about the luck of the draw, and you can’t count on being viral. Take a deep breath and dive into other people’s timelines.

  1. Jump into other conversations about things that interest you. This will get you noticed.
  2. If you are an artist, writer, or make handmade crafts, post your “works in progress”, or WIPS. People love to see the process in action.
  3. If you make video content, keep them updated on how close you are to uploading your next video.
  4. Acknowledge retweets. This can be as simple as liking the post on their timeline.


This little gem can really make your stuff shine! Posting pictures of WIPS and even uploading bloopers on here will be noticed.

HOWEVER, you have to look up and interact with other accounts as well. Insta does not have a share option. This means you have to search for things that catch your attention. Don’t just double tap, comment, too!

Use stories to promote your items! Don’t be afraid to use it! It’s there, and they will click when they see your profile picture light up!


I was going to save this one for its own section, but this pertains to Youtube as well. Since there are sooooo many content creators on the platform and all the new guidelines for getting into the algorithm, you can’t upload, tag correctly, use hashtags, and pray to get noticed. You have to watch other creators, comment on the videos, visit their streams, and share their content if you like it. Work the social network aspect of Youtube. Those who rely on prayers on this platform are doomed to a long lonely road.

Remember, you’re selling something…

You are your brand, ESPECIALLY if you are an independent creator. This means there will be people willing to go waaaaaaay back in your social to find something they don’t like to stop you in your tracks. If this happens, own up to it. It’s up to you to apologize or not, but keep in mind there are people who will never be satisfied with it.

When to post…

There a TON of websites out there that will tell you when you should post to get the most engagement and eyes on your posts. You can look those up, but this is what has worked for me.

Post at least two times a day what you are offering, whether it’s writing services, art, handmade crafts, or even video content. Social media isn’t only local to your time zone. So posting in the morning and the evening can really make a difference.

Keep track of your engagement on those posts and when they do their best. Look up the analytics of the posts to see how they are doing. Make a note of it and write down the times you posted them. (This will come in handy later.)

Many times do I post my stuff?

Along with when is how many times you should post on social media outlets. Here is the guide I often use…

1. DO NOT post your political views on your marketing account. Make a separate account for that.
2. You can market your content, crafts, art, or services twice after breakfast, twice during lunch, and twice after the dinner hour. This should cover most, if not all time zones.

Network…Network…Network… Don’t bank on luck.

In an environment where going viral is a literal shot in the pitch dark with crooked sights, luck should be leaned upon to grow your channel, bring in clients, or even sell your goods. If you can’t afford ads, and not many can, networking will be your bread and butter.
Other than the listed platforms above, there are other ways to network.


This can be a great tool for networking. Creating your own can lead to building your list of clients, building your Youtube community, and so much more.
This is also a great way to keep in contact with your favorite artists, writers, and creators in general. Some servers will even let you post your content, but it is rude to shill your wares and not participate in discussions.

Youtube community tab…

For those who create video content, you get the feel of who has a Twitter and who does not. After all, not everyone likes platforms such as Twitter. This is where your community tab comes into play. This is good for updating your subscribers on possible changes in uploading, life updates, and other things to drive up your engagement.



If you write, there is nothing better than a blog to showcase your work, but like other content platforms, you need to put yourself out there. Look up other blogs, comment on them, and even follow them if you like them.
If your blog host of choice has a reblogging feature, use it. This will bring other creators to your blog and thus more eyes on your content.

Hashtags and keywords.

Leave no chance untaken.

Hashtags on social media can help people find you faster. Knowing which ones to use can be hit or miss, but there is something I have been using that has helped me.

The link for RiteTag is here. No, I am not affiliated with them and came across them quite by accident. I use the free service, and it suits me just fine. It helps you find trending hashtags that can help get you noticed on social media. It even integrates with many social media platforms to make it a breeze to use.

There are many services and extensions you can use for Youtube as well, but I use VidIQ. You can find the link here.

Again, no affiliation. They also have their own Youtube channel where they give expert tips on how to get your content noticed.


I have yet to find a free service that I like. What I do is write down keywords and longtail keywords (Keywords in groups of three or more). I also use popular hashtags as keywords.

What do I post?

Post your passion. Post what makes you look forward to making content. Chasing trends can be tiring, and emulating other creators can make you feel like your content is becoming a chore, a slog, and once you start forcing yourself to make content, your followers will take notice.

Sure, you can rely on luck, upload and pray. People will eventually find you, but to really get the numbers, you have to work the hustle.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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