Writing Prompt: Creeper

So, this is an interesting one. I know what the term means, but I didn’t expect it. Still, it can be pretty fun to see what happens when I start writing.
I lot of these prompts are ‘stream of consciousness” exercises anyway.

Writing prompt: They called him “The Creeper”.

“He’s staring at me again. I swear. No matter where I go, he seems to be there looking at me.” Liz looked at Bethany as she took a bite of her sandwich.
Bethany shrugged, “Maybe it’s because we have a lot of the same classes and the same lunch?”
Liz took a sip of her water while shaking her head, “Explain after school when we’re waiting on a ride. He is on the other end of the pick-up zone, but he still looks over in my direction. It’s been going on for DAYS, Beth.”
“All I am saying is there is more than one reason that people stare at other people.”
Liz’s lips took an upturn to the right, “Sure and I’m J-Lo.”
Bethany rolled her eyes, “He could be autistic, an introvert, you know someone who is awkward in public settings?”
“Don’t people with mental issues go to a different school?”
Bethany’s eyes flew open, “LIZ! That’s rude. Sometimes I wonder why I am your friend.”
“I’m not the only one who thinks he’s a creeper,” Liz stood and picked up her lunch box, “If you think I am rude, you should listen to the other people who talk about him, and if he’s socially awkward, he needs help for that.”
Bethany shook her head.

After classes let out for the day, Bethany found herself waiting for a ride with Liz who watched as the boy, Joel, walked to the other end of the platform. Bethany sighed and made her way to Joel.

Someone is walking this way. Joel started wringing his hands and fiddling with a toy in his hand. It was small and looked like two intertwined rings.
Bethany pointed to the rings, “Is that a fidget toy?”
Joel nodded, “Am I staring too much? Mom says that’s bad.”
A small smile crossed Bethany’s face as he nodded, “Yeah, you kinda are. I am not mad or anything, but you are getting a reputation for being-“
Joel’s left hand started shaking, “A creeper, I know, but I can’t help it. I am not good at social stuff, and stink at reading people.”
“If it’s too personal, you don’t have to answer, but are you autistic?”
Joel relaxed a bit, “Yeah, I’m on the spectrum. I keep trying to tell mom I don’t belong here, at this school, but she and the therapist say it’s good for me.”
“It can be, but you need a friend to help you sometimes.”

By this time, Liz had grown impatient waiting for Bethany to return and made her way over to Joe, and her friend, “What are you doing with the creeper, Bethany?”
Bethany spun around. Her brow was furrowed and her hands were crossed in front of her, “He’s not a creeper. He’s autistic like I thought.”
Liz’s cheeks flushed and she hung her head, “I’m sorry. I thought you were following me around.”
Joel returned the fidget toy to his pocket and resumed wringing his hands, “Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t know how to approach people, especially people I want to be friends with. Mom told me it’s rude to stare and follow people, but I can’t help it sometimes.”
Liz smiled, “Um, if you don’t mind, I can help with that.”
Joel’s eyes widened, “I… um… You would help me? After I creeped you out?”
Liz nodded, “Yeah, it’s the least I can do for being a complete idiot.”

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