Writing Prompt: Strange Life

Writing Prompt The old photos reminded her of the strange life she'd lived. Prompt from writerswrite.co.za

I am back with the writing prompts. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. The chemo and ADHD have teamed up and decided to make me either repeat words or skip more than usual in a sentence.

We will see how this goes. I will do my best to proofread.

Prompt: The photos reminded her of the strange life she’d lived.

Sandra tied her hair back and climbed into the attic. She’d been putting off sorting through the family photos afraid of what she might find, old ghosts.

She heard the familiar clicking of the beaded chain as she pulled it to illuminate the attic. Sandra made her way to the rear of the attic where the boxes were with the pictures. She dusted and pulled a stool toward the pile, took a deep breath, and opened the medium box on the top of the pile.

She gasped. These weren’t pictures of relatives who had shed their mortal coil. This was a box with her life’s adventures.

“I thought I had lost this,” she declared to no one as she grabbed a handful and started sorting through a life she no longer recognized. Who was this person who trudged through the Amazon solely for the adventure? Who was this Sandra that took the challenge to survive in the desert for two weeks without any provisions? She flipped through them until she found a picture of herself with a bungee chord attached to her ankles and another where she was eating insects. She spent twenty minutes sifting through an envelope of pictures where she was part of a ghost hunting team.
The more she flipped through her past life, the more she began to wonder how she lived to have a husband and two children.

“I took a lot of chances back then, but I know what to do with these pictures now.”

She closed the box and descended the ladder to the hallway. She was going to share it with her kids. Sorting through the rest of the boxes would have to wait.


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