Netflix Cowboy Bebop: Session 7 Review

No, it’s not deja vu.

It was me being a total doofus and misnumbering the last review. So, that happened.

In this session review…

In this session…

I… Well, just see for yourself. I had to shake my head. A LOT.

This is becoming a theme…

What, you ask? Introducing characters that weren’t in the original? Adding fluff where there shouldn’t be? Making a docile character a mastermind while eviscerating the actual mastermind? Take your pick. Oh, and don’t forget skipping ahead on the timeline as well.

Enter Whitney…

“Who’s Whitney?” You might ask? Well, she’s the con artist in this adaptation that stole Faye’s identity. Now, she needs a ride somewhere and blackmails Faye into lying about their relationship by telling Faye she will not get her identity kit unless she cooperates. Faye is forced into telling her crewmates Whitney is her mother. You read that right, and all because she doesn’t trust Spike or Jet.


At this point, I am so tired of them pushing the deadbeat father thing it makes me facepalm. In this episode, he is trying his hardest to be at his daughter’s recital virtually. He doesn’t want to give anyone a ride ANYwhere because he doesn’t want to miss it.
After a LOT of convincing, they go to Whitney’s destination.

Enter Iron Mink…

He is supposed to be ruthless. It’s not too convincing. He’s after Whitney for stealing from him and wants to kill her, or so they want us to believe that for the dumbest twist at the end of the episode, it’s all a roleplaying act to get both of them horny so they can have sex. Yep, another fetish. That’s it. That’s all they are in the episode to do. Well, that and string Faye along in a contrived plot that never existed in the original series.
(Yes, I know. I sound disgruntled and on the verge of a rant.)

To Hell with Vicious…

Yep, the other storyline is Julia:

  1. Finding out Spike is still alive, and
  2. Plotting against Vicious to get rid of him and be free.

That’s it. That’s the secondary plotline. They are propping up a docile character to be the underlying cause of the downfall of The Syndicate and the death of Vicious all so she can get out of a toxic marriage.
And Vicious? At this point, they have made him into a toothless attack dog with the intelligence of a goldfish.

The VHS…

When compared to the animated version, which does not appear until session 18 of the anime, it hits most of the same beats. It did leave out a line but added one in for an extra punch. I don’t have any complaints about it.

In Conclusion…

This was all contrived nonsense and nothing but filler to tarnish an episode that doesn’t happen for 12 more installments in the anime. What was a scramble to find a VHS player only to have one delivered to Faye, became an ill attempt to fix something that was never broken in the first place.

I give this session one out of five espresso shots. The only redeeming quality was the VHS recording at the end.

See you later, Space Cowboy,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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