Me and NaNoWrimo…

How am I doing with the challenge?

With the move, unpacking, and settling into my parents’ home, I bet you’re wondering how my nano project is going and how I worked around the problems I foresaw in an earlier blog post.

Read on, my friend.

The move…

We are at my parents’ house. The last leg of the trip was done by me. It felt good to be behind the wheel of a car again. I forgot how much I love driving.

The trip was smooth and uneventful. We did find a good couple of places to eat and even one elusive buffet. Yep, I said “buffet”.

When we were living out of the truck, we would find buffet after buffet closed. It was a surprise to find one open.

Let me know if you have an open buffet in your area.

The NaNo Update

It has been a challenge. At last count, I had missed about four days, which means I have to type out over 2100 daily to still make the deadline. I can do it, though. I have been in worse spots.

At last count, I have two plotlines, two protagonists, and two antagonists. I also have two henchmen for one bad guy and two for the second one. This is becoming a monster.

I introduced the concept that for each person the magic transports into the other dimension, one from the other dimension comes to earth. So, that meant I had to add the second possible antagonist.

Do you even have a plan?

Heh, my writing style is as chaotic as my ADHD. I do go back and make notes for continuity and to make sure the timeline makes sense. Before that, I just sit and type, letting my imagination run the show. It’s like stream-of-consciousness writing.

Is that a thing? I think that should be a thing if it isn’t.

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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