Writing Prompt: Control

writing challenge control

To try and control all aspects of your life is maddening, draining, and utter insanity. Learn two things:
Learn to let go of the negative,
The only thing you can control is you and your actions.

We all have lessons we learn as we traverse through the stages of our lives.

We all have ambitions, dreams, and aspirations.

We all work toward them.

We all stumble.

We all fall.

We sometimes look to others when we fail, not for help but for blame.

We cannot control the actions of others. We will never be able to fully control situations in which we find ourselves.

That’s alright.

We can control how we react to those situations. We can control how we persevere.

As long as we move forward, we can control what our own ending will be to an extent.

We fall. We rise again, but in falling, we learn what was out of our control and what we did- whether right or wrong.

These are the lessons. This is how we can control our next step on our journey.

Yes, there will be those who will actively seek our failure and fall.

We must rise above those people. They are bitter and lashing out at anyone they perceive made THEM fail, not looking inward to find the true reasons.

We must not let them control us through malice, and we must not let them live rent-free in our minds.

We must learn to let go of those people and situations that made us feel negative, angry, or stuck.

We must forgive those people, not because they asked, because we need to be at peace with ourselves. Carrying grudges doesn’t make us feel anything but weighted down by the slights of others.

Walk tall. Hold your head up high. Let go of the negative, and be in control of your own well-being and actions.


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