Writing Prompt: Twirl

Writing Challenge Twirl

Writing the act of staring at a blank page or screen until something you hope is entertaining pops into your brain.

As a self-published author, I can not tell you the number of times I have stared at my own novel and my brain drew a blank. I mean, you should know how your own story goes, right?

You SHOULD know the plot, how the characters are going to react, and where you should go from the point that you started, right?

You should, but often times, I really don’t. I describe my writing process as “stream of consciousness”. I do this because I grew up an only child with a LOT of imaginary friends. As I grew, those friends took on many character traits and suddenly, I had a lore-filled world running around in my head.

I would often close my eyes and posit different scenarios in which they could find themselves and wonder how they would work it out, but enough of my wild imagination. I need to get on track.

Twirl… Right.


Swirls and swirls of colors come

As I twirl around.

The world around me spins and whirls

As I twirl around.

The landscape melds, the building blur

As I twirl around.

I stumble as I stop myself

As the world twirls around.

I stumble, stagger, and lose my footing

As the world twirls around.

I sit and watch the buildings careen

As the world twirls around.

There’s nothing like the dizziness you feel

After you twirl around.

The security when the twirl is over

And your back on solid ground.


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