Writing Prompt: Eyes Closed- Who Is Andy?

I am beginning to wonder about the person to thought up this prompt list. Hmmm, eyes closed. This can go really comical, really serious, or even NSFW, but I don’t post NSFW on my blog. So, that last one is out.

“I can’t see”, Andy exclaimed as we tried to get his hands free. He was beginning to regret taking that bet last night.

“That’s the point, nimrod,” Carl stood across from his friend whom he had just tied in the chair, “You bet you could tell where I was anywhere in the room by my voice. Remember you said being blind shouldn’t be that hard?”

“Yeah, I remember. It was last night, Carl. Why did you have to tie me up like this? Anyone can locate anyone in a room by sound, you dunce. Why do you think it was so much fun playing Marco Polo in the pool?”

Carl stroked his beard. Andy was right and he knew it. This is a bet Andy would wind hands down. After all, he was the best one at Marco Polo when they were kids. Something was nagging at him however.

“Andy, Marco Polo was ages ago. You can’t still tell me your hearing is that sharp after all this time.”

“I can, and it is. It needs to be.”

Carl raised one brow, “What are you talking about? Unless you’re a real stickler about passing those hearing tests to keep your driver’s license, you really don’t need super hearing, man.”

Andy shook his head but said nothing. Carl walk to the back of the room, and before he could even say anything, Andy turned his head, “You’re in the southeast corner of the room.”

Carl moved slower from the corner he was standing to the middle of the two corners and stopped, “You’re right behind me, Carl.”

Carl’s eyes flew open in surprise, “How did you? I can’t even hear my own foot steps.”

Andy chuckled and said nothing.

After twenty more minutes of Carl sheathing around the room and Andy point out where he was, Carl stood in front of Andy and removed his blindfold.

Andy’s eyes seemed to focus on Carl. Carl tilted his head to one side, “How did you do that? It got to the point where I was creeping so slow I thought I was standing still.”

“I know.”


“I can’t see, Carl. I need my hearing for my job. I repair pianos.”

“Wait, but your track the sound of my voice. You’re looking right me.”

Andy sighed, “Because I know where the sound is coming from. Some days, I don’t even open my eyes. There’s no point. I can’t see dick.”

“How did you follow me out of the bar and get into the cab?”

“Good grief, I tuned into your foot steps and I called an Uber that is familiar to me. It wasn’t that crowded or noisy. They roll down the window and call out when they arrive.”

“I missed that.”

“Heh, yeah, you were too busy flirting with the drunk chick who wasn’t into you.”


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