If You Tell Me You Have a Passion for Writing I’ll Tell You You’re Full of Crap…It’s Time to Face Reality

This is funny and very well done.

Faye E. Arcand

For many, the notion of being a writer is romantic and coveted in such a way that when the reality becomes unobtainable and slips into oblivion, they blame anyone and anything but themselves. But alas they’re also set up to believe that writing is within us all… Let’s face it, they’ve been fed a load of crap.

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone speak about their undying passion and innate drive to write. They speak of having to purge themselves of the stories from within….

Blah Blah Blah…What a pile of bunk.

It’s all a rouse I tell you…a rouse.

Writing is frikken hard work. Don’t kid yourself. Don’t be lolled-in by this idea of “passion”.

It takes dedication, knowledge of craft, and a whole ton of energy to keep it going.

A passion implies an individual has such a strong and intense drive that can’t be…

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