Of Schedules, Sick Fathers, and Making Adjustments

…or how I am learning that self care should not be ignored.

True and the Rainbow Kingdom

Hey, it’s me, your mad mother of the interwebs. I know I haven’t been posting or doing much on here save the occasional tweet.

I found myself adding things to my lists until I realized that I had waaaay to much on there for one person to handle. Yup, I had overloaded myself again.

There has also been a family illness that derailed me, but you can’t plan on those. If you will hang in there, I will explain.


We all have fathers. We all love them. I got a call from my mom last weekend telling me that my father was in the hospital with pneumonia. While he was there, they found a heart valve that wasn’t working quite right.
They ran a bevy of tests (He’s COVID negative.), and gave him strong antibiotics to get rid of the pneumonia.

They also changed his blood pressure meds and sent him home on Tuesday.

They want him back on the 15th for more tests.

As my husband’s 34-hour reset was coming up, we decided to stay there for it to see how dad was doing. I was shook and not in the overly dramatic way most people would expect to be sarcasm. My father, the man whom I always knew as active, unable to sit or be idle, was sitting in his chair and alternating between sitting downstairs and going upstairs to lie down. He was lethargic, sluggish, and had very little energy.
I know he is recuperating, and I told myself before we got there not to expect much, but you can never truly brace yourself for something like that. This is my dad. I did everything I could not to be upset in front of him, to let him know I was worried. He wouldn’t have liked that. He would have fussed.
This is going to be forever ingrained in my memory.

Learning a Lesson

I love to stay busy. I start out with a few things on my list and, before I know it, I have a list as long as the Nile River, and I am stressing the heck out as to how I am going to get it all done.
I told myself this time would be different.
This time I would not overload myself.
I will not.

I did. AGAIN.

The good news is a recognized this and decided to do a little decluttering and readjusting. You see, I have a news blog as well where I post, or try to post, five days a week, with two posts on Tues, Wed, and Friday for a total of eight.
This is the more stressful of the two sites and content that I create. It is also the blog that got me my reputation for being objective, easily approachable, and when told I was wrong, I can admit it.
I review comics and manga. That’s one. I review games when they come out. I make two Let’s Play videos a week, and I am adding a story telling video to the schedule. Yikes. There it goes. Let me explain.

Video editing can take anywhere from a couple of hours to DAYS depending on the video. The news posts I do can take hours of research to get correct, and those are the ones I do on Tuesday, Wed, and Friday. The trick is to edit on the light days so the research for the news posts won’t wear me down.
I upload on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and will be uploading the story videos every other Saturday starting this one.
*Stops for a minute*
And there my brain went reminding me of the third game I still need to cram in there somewhere.

I promised myself I was not going to prioritize content over my health this year, and DANG IT, I mean it! If it means shedding a series, I will do it. I just don’t know which one.

On top of all this are the two WattPad Stories and the Herbal I am writing. SHIT. Yeah, I have a LOT of adjustments to make.

Love you all, my little misfits.

Anissa “Maddy” Walkerd


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