Should I crowdfund? Hear me out…

I am a writer that wishes to be a published author. A lot of people, not just friends and loved ones, tell me I have the talent it takes to be one. So, I started on the journey to writing novels. However, I have come across a dilemma.

This is the map I am still working on for the lengthy novel series I am working to make happen. I have a non-series novel I have to go back and edit, but I need some funding.
I have been bidding for freelance jobs and doing my best to get my name out there, but I can’t focus on my work when I know I need to find a way to fund my projects.

My fantasy series…

I already have character profiles on this blog as well as some lore and maps, but I would like to really flesh out the world in which my people will dwell. All of this takes time, obviously. What it doesn’t bring me when I focus on it is funding.

To Kickstart or not to Kickstart…

I have come to internally debating whether I should crowd fund or not. If I do, I would have to seriously think about perks and how to show the progress. I am thinking a discord dedicated to the projects I am working and weekly streams for world-building and editing.
Should I also include how I am looking for cover artists and the prices they are charges? I have no clue.

I need some help with this. Any advice would be appreciated.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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