Ghostbusters Afterlife: My Hopes, Fears, and General Thoughts.

So many memories

I remember watching Ghostbusters for the first time. It was on cable (My dad didn’t want to go to the movies to see it). The character interactions, the story, and all that was in between didn’t matter to me. I was 12, but I thought the movie was really cool, and the guys were hilarious. I can’t remember how many times I re-watched it, but I am sure I got on my parents’ nerves.

Then came Ghostbusters 2, Vigo. I want to scrub it from my memory, but it’s stuck there like bubble gum in my sneakers. It was campy, corny, and utterly stupid. It was a complete and total cash-grab. I believe to this day they had NO clue how popular the first would be; so, making a sequel didn’t even cross their minds.

Then came 2016. It came with tropes, stereotypes, bad effects, stupid gadgets, and SNL humor. It was a hot mess and, dare I say it, worse than Vigo.

Then this dropped:

Ghostbusters Afterlife Official Trailer

I first saw it on a stream with my Friend P. Dawg commenting on it. I watched it and got excited.
Then I looked it up and did my own reaction.

My Hopes…

I hope they don’t diminish the importance of the original cast. I did find what could be possible plot leaks, but those always come with a grain of salt. It is hopeful in one aspect. They are honoring the memory of a fallen friend by centralizing it on his works. This makes me smile and gives me hope.
The fact they will have the original cast in the movie tells me they have not forgotten the original fandom, unlike the 2016 movie, who belittled them. One cannot make money when you constantly insult and berate the original fandom. It just isn’t possible.
The fact the Jason Reitman, Ivan’s son, is directing this makes me giddy. In case there are those who are not aware, Ivan is the one who directed the original movie.
There it also this:

Yup, you are seeing what I am seeing, the writing credits and the production team have the original crew still there, although Ramis is no longer with us.
This makes my heart swell with hope.

My Fears…

These stem from the current trend of Hollywood injecting real-world politics into and old fandom to try to make it relevant. Sometimes relevancy is as simple as going back to the basics and staying in the universe in which the franchise is set.
This means going back to the beginning, watching the source material, reading any source material, and learning from it. One doesn’t have to interact with the fandom in order to learn of the universe of which they want to be a part.
They just need to go to the source. This is what I hope Jason Reitman has done.

General Thoughts…

Now, that I have seen the original movie as an adult, there are things I didn’t say in the video which I will include here.
Keep in mind I am going with the rumored leak of the plot for the following thoughts.

To those who see everything with ideological, or anti-ideological glasses, I can see Janine being VP of the now multi-state corporate entity. After all, she was the one that did everything BUT bust ghosts in the original. She:

  • Answered the phones
  • Placed/received the orders
  • Handled the drop-offs
  • Set-up appointments
  • Paid the bills
    and a ton more. She deserves the VP slot.

Winston being the CEO doesn’t bother me. I always saw him as the anchor for the team, the one who brought them back down to earth. He did the reality checks for the team, the layman.

The 2016 movie diminished the role of Winston, turning it into a loud black lady. I thought that was a stereotype they wanted to shy away from.

They also turned the office management position Janine had into the “ditsy receptionist” trope, something that made me roll my eyes so hard they stuck in the back of my head.


I am really looking forward to this movie. I hope it doesn’t disappoint me.

Until next time, if you can’t be good, be good at it.

Anissa “Maddy” Walker.

Sources used are listed in the description of the video except for the IMDb.

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