I Scavenge, Therefore I Survive?

When it comes to games with crafting, I tend to lean toward that and not so much toward the combat. It’s just me I guess. So, I ran another test incorporating my love for treasure hunting and cooking in games.

The points were distributed as follows:
– Javelin Master
-Lucky Looter
-Pack Mule
-Master Chef.

Parameters were:

  1. It is set to default difficulty.
  2. We only harvest what is needed to fulfill the quests.
  3. No salvaging. This means no taking apart of things to find out the loot that drops.
  4. No Looting until points have been allocated
  5. No killing unless it cannot be avoided
  6. No scrapping
  7. No looting once I set off to the trader
  8. Looting the trader

So, there is a marked difference. It is, my opinion, giving me more loot geared toward the perks I picked. It also gave me more medicinal options and more crafting supplies along with a schematic for a work bench. I can make coffee off the bat, boil the murky water, and even make cornbread. This is not a bad start.

If you want to see the full video about this, click below.

Until next time, happy hunting and don’t forget your zombie rules!


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