Is there a pattern?

Keeping in mind that I have not been playing this game for very long, I have no clue if anyone has done something like this or not, but this is my little experiment on the game, its RNG system and how much what you choose for starting perks and attributes might affect your loot drops.

The Control

Obviously, if you’re going to run an experiment, you need to have a control, something as a base to compare your results. So, here is mine. Here are the game settings:

As you can see, I have it on the default difficulty. Yes, I have to zombies on jog. I am not ready for them to sprint at me just yet.

Now, for the parameters:

  1. It is set to default difficulty.
  2. We only harvest what is needed to fulfill the quests.
  3. No salvaging. This means no taking apart of things to find out the loot that drops.
  4. Looting only.
  5. No killing unless it cannot be avoided.
  6. No points in any skills when quests are finished
  7. No looting once I start on the road to the traitor
  8. Looting the traitor.

What were the results?

The loot

The loot seems to be all over the place, true RNG. The game really randomized the drops. I think it is because I looted before I chose the attributes and perks.
The next experiment will be using one of my configurations. I am more of a scavenger than my husband. So, the points I allocate will reflect that. Let’s see if that makes a difference in the loot drops.

If you want to see the video with all the juicy details, it will be here:

Until next time, happy hunting and remember the rules!


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