Patch Note Breakdown: TFT 9.15

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.15 Breadown

Every Week TFT (Teamfight Tactics), Riot’s Version of Auto Chess, comes out with a patch to update the game. This is the 2nd patch since its release.
Below is a summarised version of the changes coming this week. (If you want to read the full patch notes link is here:

System Changes
• Win and Loss Streaks are easier to obtain than before.
• They added new class bonuses for future characters.
• Whenever you take damage from losing a round, you will take less damage than before, so losing rounds is less punishing but the game will last longer.
• During carousel stages, you have 1 less champion provided to you.

• Are now more well-rounded and do not bug duration animation.
• The following assassin got stronger Eveylnn, Katarina
• They made Rengar the true knife kitty God now. He is probably the best assassin now.
All Demons now do less Damage and also have less chance to burn you.

Dragons are no longer immune to magic but they have free dragon claw items instead.

Lissandra’s freeze will actually hurt now, and Brand will burn more.
The Guardians are now tankier and they make your team tankier as well.
Knights now make your team tanky rather than themselves and they are tankier.
Garen is now a Beyblade again yay.
Ninjas are stronger early game, and all the ninjas got more at speed/AD to balance out the rework to their AD buff. (Flat AD over % and now have spell power, too.)
Kennen and Akali is no longer OP, thank God.

Nobles no longer die to Sorcerers, hooray!
Vayne is no longer the worst unit in the game; sorry Fiora, you’re back to the being the worst again.

Pirates now give you fewer boots and fish bones.
Twisted Fate is now considered an average pirate though Pyke is still better.

Void Characters now ignore all resistances (Armor and Magic Resist), and also they also all deal more damage. They are going to be scary aliens like the movie.
I am most afraid of Cho’gath and Khazix now. “Tank meta, here we come?”

Yordles are nerfed. Yay, I can finally not miss all my attacks but now they dodge on-hit effects like Hush and Disarm. Though Yordle+anything is now better, weird change.

Other Champions Changes
Blitzcrank now hooks you more.
Ashe and Kindred are stronger.
Yasuo is now a true samurai.
Karthus’ rain of death now has a new form called Explosion. Yes, he literally explodes your whole team.

This post was contributed by, Lissaria, who can be found on Twitter and Twitch.


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