Drama? Me? No thank you.

…or you stay over there with that crap, and I will be over here, thanks.


I’ve noticed a trend on Youtube. It’s not a good one, and it does not involve demonetization or any of that. It seems that the conversations against the current narrative have gotten stale and repetitive, which has led to the many channels which debunk it to turn on themselves. They endlessly point fingers at one another and argue with each other on streams. Two people have even taken it from Youtube to actually staging a real fight. Yep, that’s right. They are selling tickets and everything.

All I see is drama and petty behavior.

I have dutifully tried to unfollow people on Twitter who retweet and comment on the drama and those that inject themselves into it, but the list grows longer it seems and the drama seems endless. Some even dig up drama that has been resolved for months, to what end? I have no clue.

There are those who have resolved their drama injecting themselves in ongoing drama, which will only serve to paint another bullseye on their back or make people remember the drama of days past. It’s silly, and no matter how much I try to avoid it, it’s there. I scroll through my timeline shaking my head at the people who can’t live and let live and wonder how they would ever stay relevant if it weren’t for the constant shit they stir and the issues they re-hash.

Yes, even I grab popcorn…

I will look at it, from time to time. Hell, it’s on my feed. I will either laugh at it and read it to my husband, causing both of us to shake our heads at the pettiness of it all or I will ignore it altogether. After all, here I am in my corner of the internet blogging and keeping up with news to make posts and commentary while they shout names at each other and throw threats back and forth. I will not engage.

When all is said and done, I have enough drama in my real life. I don’t have time for virtual drama.

Until next time,



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