You Can ALWAYS Trust Family…

You can ALWAYS Trust Family…ALWAYS

Masie looked around her modest surroundings as Emma showed them to their rooms. The simple furnishings reminded her of her grandmother’s place.
Emma led them up some stairs and stopped at the first room, “Here you go. You and Masie can sleep here, Minnie. I am sorry for the cramped quarters, but this is short notice.”
Minnie smiled, “We aren’t complaining. Thank you, Emma.”
She showed George and Ernst to theirs and informed them dinner would be ready soon.

After Masie bathed, she went down the stairs and turned the corner to see meats, breads, and cheeses on a plater in the middle of the table along with mustard and other spreads. She scratched her head.
Emma chuckled, “Not used to light dinners, kinder?”
Minnie, who came in shortly after, translated.
Masie shook her head, “Usually, mom cooks a big meal for dinner. This is what we usually have for a snack or lunch.”
”I think your Oncle has told you our dinners are light, to help with digestion. A big meal in the evening is not good.”
Masie looked at the ceiling, “I can see that. You want some food in your tummy but not a lot of it.”
Emma smiled, “Precisely, now have a seat and-“ She looked up and locked eyes with Ernst.
Ernst pulled out a chair for Minnie, “Here you go, Minnie.”
”Ernst, that’s not necessary.”
He leaned over and whispered, “Keep an eye on Emma. I have a bad feeling.”
Minnie nodded, “I would some ham and cheese with a touch of mustard. Could you pass the tray, Masie?”
Emma went to the kitchen to get sparkling water as the tray made its rounds.
Ernst followed her with his eyes as she got the refreshment and re-entered the dining room, “Everything alright, Emma?”
Emma tried to fake a smile, “Yes, I am just worried about your treasure hunt. May I ask what it is about?”
Ernst poured himself a drink, “Masie found some clues to something. We’re seeing if they lead anywhere. You wouldn’t happen to have found any clues in old furniture or decorations?”
Emma shook her head, “I can’t say that I have, and even if I would have, I would have disposed of any. It’s all nonsense. Treasure hunting is too dangerous.”
After dinner, they went into the den and Masie listened through her grandmother as Emma spoke of her life and the family history.
She doesn’t remember when it happened, but she found herself in bed waking to an alarm clock the next morning and being shaken by Minnie, “Get up. We’ve got to go. Ernst caught your aunt calling someone and talking about us. She’s ratted us out!”
Masie jumped out of bed, “Why would she do that?”
”I don’t know, child. We can ask Ernst his opinion in the car. We’ll grab a bite on the road.”
Masie strapped on her shoes as her father came in and got what little bags they didn’t bring into the house. Ernst and Emma were yelling downstairs.
”I can’t believe you would call them, Emma! Your damn fool beliefs are more important than your family?”
”Being safe and keeping secrets, secrets are more important, Ernst.”
”Your Grand niece could be killed, and you’re trying to rationalize that? I knew I should have taken them to a hotel.”
Ernst was the last one in the car, and they were turning right onto the main street as a familiar black vehicle turned down Emma’s street.
”Well, at least the bad guys are easy to spot,” Masie turned and sunk into her seat, “They all like black SUVs.”
Ernst chuckled, “It seems that vay. Let’s just hope they didn’t notice us. I can’t believe she did that.”
Masie looked at her Grand Uncle. His eyes were set dead ahead and his lips were pressed into a thin line.
”Why would she tell on us?” Masie looked out of the back window one more time.
Ernst huffed, “There are still those that are sympathetic to the Nazis. Emma is one, but I didn’t think she would go this far.”
Minnie looked at Ernst with wide eyes, “You mean to tell me she thinks that what Hitler did was a good thing?”
Ernst nodded, “She also thinks that the list should be kept by those who do believe in the cause, but if they found the list, they vould hunt down anyone related to those on the list and finish vhat Hitler started.”
Masie shivered, “I can’t imagine anyone wanting to kill people just because they think differently.”
Ernst looked at Masie as she sat back down in the bench seat, “There are plenty of people that hate those different from themselves. There are even countries who vould kill people for speaking out against their leader.”
”Is this country like that?”
”This country is a mess, kinder, a complete mess.”
They rode in silence except for Ernst giving them directions to the museum.

It’s your turn: What happened when they got to the museum?

A. They were able to go inside and find the next clue only to bump into those after them.
B. They pulled up to the museum and saw their pursuers enter first.
C. They entered the museum and found their pursuers

D. They looked all over the museum and didn’t find the clue.

What happens?  It’s up to you! The person who participated the most will get a copy of the completed book for free. Once this book is published, all sales of the book will be donated to This means, every time this book is sold, the money will go to this charity and this charity alone.


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