The Struggle

Get-Back-UptinybuddhaYou get out there

and you scrimp and you save.

You do it all to say some day

that you made it.

Then you fall and hard

and the climb seems too far.

Two steps up to get knocked ten back,

and you wonder if you’ll come back.

You think the mountain is much bigger than it was before,

but before you’re ready to walk out that door,

to throw up your hands and say you can’t take anymore,

you think and you plan and you plot and you stand.


You know that it’s your climb,

your dime,

your time.

It’s your time to shimmer, and

your time to shine.

It’s yours and no one else’s

no one to blame and no one to claim

the successes from your failures

at this stage of the game.

It’s all you and your choices

that lead to this point.

Choices that will drag you down further,

or lead you out of this joint.

It’s all you and your will,

your drive,

and want to stay alive.


It’s your dream,

your scheme,

and your time to gleam.

Don’t sit there.

Don’t give up.

Don’t scream and throw your hands up.

Get up.

Get out there,

and do it again.

Because you have lost,

you’ll be happier when you gain.


It’s out there,

your future,

your dream,

your ambition, and

no one’s going to help you

bring it to fruition.

Some will support you,

be there when you fall.

Some will doubt you

and leave when you fall.

Choose your friends wisely,

and walk away from the baiters.

In the end, you’ll be the winner,

and laugh at the haters.

-Anissa Mathias


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