The Adventures of the Underfoot Clan: Mission Implausible Part Two

The Plotting starts
The Plotting starts

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“You had better save me some fudge.  You didn’t the last time.”

Kevin looks around like someone having been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, “Sorry, but I will make sure you git some dis time, k?”

Charlie nods emphatically, “What’s the next part of the plan?”

“We have to ‘stract Mrs. Randall and get her out of the kitchen.  Sammy will do that part.”

Sammy squints one eye as he looks up towards the ceiling.  Suddenly, his eyes go wide, “Oh yeah!  I have to tell her that I need help with finding out who stole my toy.  Bullies are always stealing my toys.”  He plops his head in his hands and looks like he lost his best friend.

“Ralphy, you’ll be here.”  Kevin points with the pencil to a square that is sitting a little to the left of the kitchen.  “That’s the couch.  You’re going to be sitting dere looking over the rail and down the hall.  You has to make sure dat no curity is coming, specially Nigel.  If you see anyone coming, radio me.”

Ralphy’s looks at Kevin sideways, “And where will you be?”

“In the vents, I has to make my ways to the kitchen frough the vents soes Nigel don’t sees me.  When I gets to the kitchen, I will drops down using dis.”  He pulls out of a bag a long coil of rope with wire hangers that have been cut and modified to resemble a grappling hook.

Ralph pointed to it,”Dat ting works?”

Kevin nods his head once hard, “Yup, tested it the odder day in the forest.  It holds good.  Now, where was I?  Right, I will den put the fudgies in my backpack and raise myself back into the vents and meet you guyses back heres.  Any questions?”

“When’s lunch?  I’m hungry.”  Ralphy’s stomach growled.  Kevin looks at his plastic watch.

“It’s time for snacks!  Let’s go.”

“Um, if we get snacks, Kevin, why do we have to snitch dem?”  Kevin stops mid stride and turns around, eyes wide in disbelief.

“Cause the grown-ups keeps all the good stuff for demselves, dat’s why.  It’s our duty to librate dem.  We are the Underfoot!”  The other two nod in agreement.

“Ah, k, I get it.”

“We’re going upstairs for the snacks.  We has to see how busy lunch is going to be.”

The first thing that hit their noses was the smell of cheese and meat.  As they closed in on the kitchen to get in line, and they see Robin is helping to make calzones for lunch.”

“Aw, crap, mama Robin is on dis floor.”

“What’s wrong with dat?”

“Ralphy, when she’s on a floor, dat means she’s helping out the kitchen for the day.  Dis means we has to fix our plan.  We has an extra-“

Charlie puts finger to his lips and then pointed down the hall, “Shhhhh, it’s Nigel.  Figure it out when he can’t hear us.”

A gentleman in his mid-forties strolled by the four and nodded his head.  They smiled and waved back.  He stopped when he got to Kevin.

“Nice day to snitch some fudge, is it not, Master Kevin?” His British accent rang clear.

Kevin feigned surprise, “I has no clue what you’re talkin’ ‘bout.  Wes here for snack time.”

“Yes, I’m sure.”  A smirk crossed Nigel’s face as he walked on to get in line.

“He’s on to us.”

“Course he’s on to us, Ralphy.  He’s always on to us.  Dat’s the challenge.  That’s all part of the fun.”

“You really have a bad idea of the word ‘fun’, Kevin.”

“Wait till you taste the fudgies.  You’ll change your mind.”

As they entered the kitchen, they saw Mrs, Randall, mixing the ingredients in the double boiler.  The smell of the cocoa wafted through the air and made a beeline to their noses.  Kevin’s face was of someone who discovered heaven.  He elbowed Ralphy and leaned close enough for just him to hear.

“U smells dat?”

“Yeah, that smells great!”

“That’s the fudgies.  You think it smells good now.  Wait till you have a square in your mouf.”

“Dis isn’t gonna be easy.”

“The best stuffs is neber easy to git to, Ralphy.”

Want to know what happens next?  You’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


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