What Makes a Home?

house-clip-art-17The floors need sanding.

They’re all stripped bare.

The plumbing needs fixing.

Trees have taken over there.

But there are people that live here,

And pets that need care.


They pay in cuddles and kisses.

Love is always found there.

A house is made floors, ceilings and walls,

But the compassion you find there makes it a home.

It matters not if the roof leaks or floors creak.

It’s the place you come to back to after you rome.

It’s the three dogs that live here,

Two puppies and one grown,

They’re always glad to see you,

No matter how long you’ve gone.

Two can’t give you tons of cuddles and kisses.

The other rolls over for loves and scritches.

I used to care about the state of this house,

But with all love here, who can possibly grouse.




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