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Chronicle of a Teenage Werewolf: My First Day

Chapter 6…

Notes from the writer...

Heyllo, everyone, it’s your favorite mad woman of the internet. I bet you’re wondering why Chapter 6 is late.

Last Monday was a holiday. So, the chapter did not get posted. Without further chit-chat, here is the chapter…


Angie had to keep herself from rolling out of bed when the banging in the hall started. She pushed her hair out of her eyes and fumbled with the covers before throwing her legs over the side of the bed. 

Jade was walking down the hall with earplugs in and banging a garbage lid, “Alright, new pups, this is the one and only time I will be doing this to wake you. Get out of bed, children, and make your way to the cafeteria.” 

Angie waved her hand around the area of the nightstand trying to find the lamp and stopped. She was making out the furniture and other things in the room with the little bit of light seeping from under her door. She flipped on the light and her eyes stung before they grew accustomed to the brightness. She walked over to her closet and slipped into a warm-up set and sneakers. She stopped in front of her mirror long enough to tie up her hair and open the door. 
Jade smiled, “I knew you would be the first one in the hall. That’s good.”

The den mother motioned to the door at the beginning, “Go through that door and turn right. The cafeteria is at the end of the hall. Grab a tray and get in line, hun.”
Angie nodded and followed the directions and found her nose was being bombarded with a multitude of smells, some familiar and some new, but all at the same time.

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