Chapter 2: 48-Hours Later

As it happens, there are some chapters that are short. This is one of those chapters.

Could I have gone into painstaking detail about what they put the father through during the investigation? Yes, but that would have turned it into a true crime fantasy novel, and that is not the focus. We all know who did it.

All it took was one phone call. Casey and Robert’s world was turned upside down. Casey stayed with an aunt while Robert was under a microscope. The story hit the news, and all the school friends Casey thought she had kept their distance except for one. She felt alone and isolated. The school counselor tried to help by giving Casey a place to come and talk about her feelings, but all she could muster between sobs was her wanting her dad and missing her mom. 
Robert wasn’t faring much better. The police were going through his life with a fine-toothed comb and his every response was dissected in an attempt to catch him lying. Even though he knew it was a good idea for Casey not to see her father being hounded, he still missed his little girl and would call her every night. With no warrant issued, Robert gave them permission to search his home, for them to take his DNA, and he even sat for a polygraph. He was surprised when the lie detector said he was being truthful. The GPS on his phone put him in the driveway 30 minutes before calling the police the first time to report his wife missing. He watched as they canvassed the neighborhood questioning the neighbors only to realize all of them were at work the day Bonny didn’t come home. 

After a month of being followed, scrutinized, and hounded, it was determined Robert had no part in his wife’s disappearance. They looked toward other possible suspects and known felons in the area, but the case went cold after six months. 
Casey and Robert were reunited and started putting the pieces of their torn life back together. 

Robert made the decision to declare Bonny dead after four years. 


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