Looting, Farming, and Scavenging… Not to Mention a Stability Bug!

The 7 Days to Die number crunchers.

There are three types of players in any community surrounding a developing game:
– Those who read the patch notes and hit the ground running.
-Those who say, “What the heck?” and dive in without reading patch notes because tinkering and discovering new things is cool. They eventually look up stuff when they can’t figure it out. (This would be me.)
-Those who dive into the XML files and experiment in creative to give you information that the first two groups might be missing. I will be highlighting this third group in our 7 Days to Die community.

Looking for Steel?

Not a Gamer Gaming has you covered. With all the new POIS in Alpha 20, not to mention the cityscapes, there were bound to be more salvageable items for steel. Genosis has kindly provided anyone with scavenging tendencies a guide to finding, looting, and, yes, crafting steel. You can find it here.

Oh, SHINIES!!! Loot Fiends and the new Loot calculations

Does the prospect of trying to figure out loot tables make your eye cross and your brain go numb? You want to learn how the loot works, but with the new biome and POI difficulty modifiers, it can be a bit much.
Guns, Nerds, and Steel took the time to dive into the XML and break down how it all works in the new alpha.

He also took the time to make a quicky on where to get acid, the new holy grail of Alpha 20.

Yellow, Blue, and RED loot bags?

Yes, there are some of us out there that don’t watch the dev streams and choose to watch recap videos. I knew about the bags but not how they were rated in terms of the items in them or which zeds dropped with which color bag. Fortunately, Vedui dived into the code and figured it out for us.

Farming… Is it nerfed, buffed, or still broken?

This is arguably the most debated topic in the community at the moment, with some people saying they ruined farming, others saying it’s broken, and still more saying they don’t have a problem with the change. Although Izprebuilt doesn’t really give a definitive answer, he does show us how it works in Alpha 20 so we can form our own opinions.

Stability bug?

Honestly, the first time I heard about this was on Skippy’s channel, and he has uploaded two videos on the subject hoping someone can look into it as it can be a major problem if not dealt with. Saven’s World also did a video on it. Here are all three videos.

That’s it for now, my fellow survivors. If you wish for me to do more of these types of blog posts, let me know. I would be happy to do so.

Keep an eye out for screamers!

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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