The Sacred Blacksmith: The Anime Without an Ending…

…or how lack of popularity led to no second season.

Watched it on Hulu… The Sacred Blacksmth

There are times I click randomly on anime to see what it is. I know I can read the description, and I did, but I pay attention to the series only having 12 episodes.

So, this is a different kind of review. It’s a review with a “What happened to” type of post.

So, if you’re curious, hop click and let’s get started.

The Anime…

If you just watch the anime’s opening, you get the impression that it is just a romance with a little adventure sprinkled into it. It’s actually a dark fantasy with romantic elements in it. I found myself unable to stop myself from clicking the next episode.

Cecily Campbell (The knight) commissions Luke Ainsworth to make her a sword after hers breaks in a fight with a cursed soldier. He refuses. This starts banter that is reminiscent of anime couples. Whenever anyone points it out, they deny it. That is to be expected.

The overarching story is about Valbanil, a demon with the power to destroy the world, and how Luke is tied to it. The last episode is the major battle, but there is no resolution.

Character Models

I found the art for the characters well done. Though there was a little fan service, it was not very blatant. I like that.

Artwork and animation

The animation style has a very classic feel for an anime made in 2009. I liked it. I felt it fit the genre perfectly. I think I would have been put off if there was obvious CGI in it.

Voice Acting

I watched it subbed. The voice acting was on point. They did a good job of conveying emotions with their voices.


I found the unfolding story intriguing and easy to follow. Even the subplot with the demon swords was well done. Noting felt forced. It did feel a bit rushed, however.


I give the anime three shots out of five. There was room for some improvement. It’s not a bad little anime.

What happened?

For a quaint little anime, I was disappointed there was only one season for it. I went digging to satisfy my curiosity.

It seems that it was a combination of the anime not being popular due to its subject matter and one more thing.

Manglobe, the studio that also produced Samurai Champloo went bankrupt, leaving many projects unfinished.

The anime was never picked up by another studio, and thus is unfinished to this day. You can, however, seek out the light novel series that started it all and the manga as well.

I know I will be.

Until next time,

Anissa “Maddy” Walker


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