Cowboy Bebop: Anime v Live-Action

The adaptation with no heart…

I know I did a review on it yesterday, but there were things that were bothering me that I could not pinpoint. After some rest and a re-watch of the original anime episode again, I think I nailed it.


Here we go…


They shoehorned Faye into the first episode, which took out a lot of the heart and flirtatious attitude of Spike. In fact, there was no interaction between Spike and the female mark.

There was never a mention of who the female was as the episode was centered around Asimov. We did get hints that she was NOT rich nor did she come from money. She was dreaming of going to Mars with money to live an easy life.

Faye was never in the first episode. As a matter of fact, she didn’t make an appearance until Session 3, Honky Tonk Women. They’ve accelerated the timeline, and in doing so, left out a very important element to the storytelling of the show.

They left out Spike…

I know he was in the episode, but in ramming Faye into the first episode, we don’t get to see a little of who Spike is when he is on a job. He didn’t get to see how he really gathered information and how his charisma and charm get him results.

They left out his fight scene with Asimov, favoring one with the Syndicate, Jet, and having Faye save Jet’s life. There was a purpose to the fight scene. You got to see, for the first time, how Spike’s fighting style ebbed and flowed like water and how he looked to be dancing more than fighting, something Cho did not depict well at all.

They erased Jet…

Jet played a big role in the gathering of information on the planet. He is the first one on the scene at El Rey, and he also saw the bodies and was able to interrogate one of them the get the fact that Asimov was trying to tell Red Eye, and that he was hooked.

The old men were gone…

This may not be important to some, but the old men were a side of comedy relief for the episode. Where ever hell would break loose, they were playing cards, and one was always complaining about losing.
Why is this important when they aren’t even a major part of the show? It’s atmosphere, something the live-action doesn’t have, and it falls flat.

She never ordered her Bloody Mary…

In the live-action, she abstained from drinking. This is incorrect. Her placing the order was a trigger for the scene.

The female ordered a Bloody Mary even though she looked to be pregnant. This was the set-up for the bartender to make sure they were the dealers of Red Eye. After all, Tijuana, a place where you can get your throat slit as easily as breathing. So, you would have to set up something in advance to make sure the person who just walked into your bar was the person you were waiting for and not someone trying to rob you.
These a small but significant part of the scene, and in leaving it out, they botched the setup.

He didn’t die on the planet…

She didn’t take his dead corpse onto the get-away vehicle. Asimov was alive, and once they were in space, she begged him not to take another dose of Red Eye. The scene that followed was potent.

She came to the conclusion she was never going to Mars. She shot Asimov, and as Spike watched, she died in a hail of bullets from the blockade in front of the gate.

This was a much more potent end than the one in the live-action. Her killing her boyfriend had more of a punch than her taking him into space already dead and dying to the same hail of bullets.

They Added Vicious…

They blew their wad too early. As we piece together who Spike was in a former life, his memories start showing us a figure with white hair, Vicious. We then start learning about him and who he was in relation to Spike.

They not only showed him in the first episode, but they also revealed Spike’s syndicate name too soon as well. They even showed his former lover kissing Vicious. All of this was padding in my opinion to make it 50 minutes.

See you space cowboy…

Anissa “Maddy” Walker

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