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Writing Prompt: Allure

There are many things that people consider alluring.

There are people whom other people deem alluring.

What pulls you in?

The word, through time, has not changed much, but many see the word and think something more…



Luckily or, as some would say, sadly, I don’t do that kind of content.

So, what WILL I do with the prompt?


A moth to the flame.

A lover playing the game.

A husband wooing his wife.


A child wanting a toy.

A pet sitting for a treat.

The reason many frequent a place.


Something taboo.

Something banned.

Something that is no longer aired.


Secrets kept.

Secrets teased.

The promise of sharing never comes.


The cliffhanger.

The serial mystery.

Those that watch suspense and horror.


The escape.

The addiction.

The lies you tell yourself in your sickness.


I have a passion for writing, crafts, movies, anime, cartoons, comics, and natural health. I create content on Youtube and here on the blog. Maddy is the nickname given to me because of the name of my company "Mad Woman Muses Media". :)

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