Writing Prompt: Unharmed

Writing Challenge prompt unharmed

This prompt list has surprised me, left me wordless, and evoked emotion.

It’s funny how simple words can do that to a person, and this one is no different.

Unharmed, pristine, whole.

The mere concept evokes thoughts and emotions in me. So, I will put those here.


Unharmed is the glass still in the shop window.

Unharmed is the car that hasn’t been purchased.

Unharmed is the child that has not been born.

Unharmed are not the people who live in this world.

Unharmed is how all of start in this world.

Our first sight is the light out of the womb.

Our first touch is the doctor helping us arrive in this world.

Our first feeling is the one of love.

Unharmed is an infant born of love and nurtured.

Unharmed is not how we leave.

We are all broken, like the glass pushed off the edge.

We have scars that no one ever sees.

We are fractured, like a window pane needing repair.

We are fragments of who we used to be.

We look for others who are broken.

We look, not to fix, but to compare.

We hold up one another to the light.

We listen to the tales of broken dreams.

We listen to the trust that was broken,

To the fracturing of a heart,

To the spirit that was crushed.

We relate.

We sympathize.

We comfort and support.

We do not attempt to fix.

Unharmed is the porcelain that has yet been purchased.

Unharmed is the pot waiting in the store.

Unharmed is what we all hoped to be,

But found out broken is much more.


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