Writing Prompt: Eel

Welp, this is a thing. I know what an eel is, but…



I am staring at the word and my mind is not coming up with anything.

My husband, however, came up with a whole intro to a story. This is why I love him.

So, having had my imagination jump-started, here we go. (No, this is not his idea you are about to read. I don’t do that. It’s however a but of a spin-off.)

Detective Marlon walked into the Medical Examiner’s office. He was expecting to have a report to send him in the direction he needed to close the murder of Sybil Moore, a socialite. He needed an answer to get his captain off of his back for a little at least so he could do his job.

Jordan looked up from the body, “You may or may not find this weird.”

Marlon’s mouth tilted to one side as he rubbed his temple, “Do we have a cause of death?”

“She has wounds consistent to being crushed and at the same time electrocuted.”

“The murderer is imaginative. I’ll give them that.”

Jordan looked up and pointed diagonally at the ceiling, “You would think that, but it wasn’t a person.”

Marlon looked confused, “What?”

Jordan walked around and picked up a report on his way to Marlon. He handed the report to Marlon who sat in a chair and tried to make sense of what he was reading. He flipped the pages back and forth before starting from the beginning for the second time.

He rubbed his temple again when he looked up at Jordan, “You’re telling me she was killed by an electric eel on vacation?”

“That’s what it is pointing to, Marlon. The felony started because no one reported the death.”

“An eel? No one wanted her dead?”

“There are many people who are probably jealous, but no. This rich girl died in an accident.”

Marlon stood with the report and started toward the front door, “Well, it’s something to give the captain at least. I still need to track down who dumped her body on a hotel beach.”

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