Writing Prompt: Cups

Here is another one of those prompts. The first thing the pops into my head when I see this prompt is the “Fill your own cup first” quote.

I have to come up with something more original.

Cups, cups… hmm… cups.

In our lives, we have many cups but only one favorite.

It’s chipped.

The paint is fading.

Sometimes the cup has a hairline fracture, but we still use it.

We find ourselves upset if it breaks or someone suggests that we “get rid of that old thing”.


How many major moments in your life have you had when you were holding that cup or it was waiting to be used?

How many times did you grab the cup to celebrate something that happened in your life? That raise? Your child’s graduation? Your child’s birth?

How many times have to taken from that cup when a loved one was in the hospital? Passed away?

How many memories does that favorite cup evoke when you reach for it?

It does not seem so silly to have a favorite cup now does it?

That favorite cup is an album of moments, feelings, and experiences. It’s not “just a cup”. It’s more like an old friend that is always there when you need them. It’s that security blanket you wrap you use when you need comfort and no one is around.

What’s your favorite cup?

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